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Welcome to Four Seasons Tanning, the quintessential consultant for today’s salon owner. From the hottest new arrivals in lotions, to the most advanced tanning beds on the market, Four Seasons gives you everything you need to run a successful salon, and for those thinking of opening a salon. Four Seasons Sales and Service is the one source solution. Saving time and stress by putting decades of experience to work to help your salon profit. Four Seasons Sales and Service is a professional indoor tanning distributor with over twenty years of industry experience that was founded in 1983 by twin brothers, Ronnie and Johnny Allen.

Ronnie’s wife owned a small beauty salon, and she decided to add tanning as an additional business. At that time, they were one of the few individuals in the area with any experience on tanning products and tanning equipment. The business started when Ronnie and Johnny worked on their own tanning beds and began to repair other salons in the area. Before long, they began carrying tanning products to help their clients achieve maximum tanning results, and teaching them how to properly take care of their skin while tanning. This was the largest and fastest growing part of the business.

What began as a business promoting products and services out of the back of their truck rapidly grew into a large-scale warehouse operation that expanded to shipping nationwide. Four Seasons Sales and Service also have proven management in distribution of and consultation on tanning products, parts, services, and marketing advantages, while also staying well equipped with first-class investigative, design, and problem solving skills. The Allen brothers always reinvested in the company, and prided themselves on taking care of the heart of the business; their employees.

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Currently Four Seasons Sales and Service provide approximately two-hundred full time professional specialists that are friendly and efficient, and are dedicated to partnering with salon owners to help them achieve their very best. Four Seasons is proud to be the only employee owned company in the Indoor Tanning Industry. This means that Four Seasons' specialists and team members have the ability to share in our company's success. Throughout this paper, you will read and learn about a team of incredibly productive and highly motivated individuals that will settle for nothing less than excellence.

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