A Summary of Four Articles on Finance from the Internet

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This article furnishes its readers with relevant tips for parents who want to successfully send their children to school as they reach for some higher level of scholastic learning. It begins with the basic problematic most countries the world over is beset: government subsidies to defray the expensive cost of education for students (and parents at that) do not seem to cover that much.

The case in point, at least specifically for this write-up, addresses how the government has stopped its subsidies for “student fees” which in turn makes it quite difficult for both parents and students to cope with.

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The article submits certain proposals to help both parents and students address the mounting task of university education.

Among the choices include availing of loan packages such as: Student Loans (managed by Student Finance Direct), which allows a student to borrow money at a modest 9% interest, to be subsequently paid after graduation; Student Grants” – the more “generous” type of grant given to financially challenged families, or to single parent students, as even to those whose financial income is below 17,000 per annum.

The article ends with alternative proposals that touch on some more means to get this whole university education going. Whichever the readers choose though, the bottom line remains: sending one’s children to school may appear to be an insurmountable task, but it is not impossible nevertheless.

1.      Top tips for first time buyers[1]

The central concern of this write-up is to guide first time homeowners on important issues, which can either make or break their whole experience of buying a house. True enough, the first premise of the article is telling enough to even dismiss or set aside – buying a house is a big commitment and entails having to shoulder a lot of responsibilities in the years to come.

First up, it is by right of commonsense that buyers are given this Bible-piece of advice: do not buy what you cannot afford. The initial temptation to procure a property based on the impulse to acquire an ideal house can at times blur the fact that there are some financial considerations that cannot be left out – these include, among others, “duty, solicitor and/or estate agent fees, a valuation report”. To be sure, this does not even include transfer and renovation costs.

The article also gives vital information on the remaining important things that should not be missed. Among others, buyers have to be fully aware of the stipulations of the contract, the mortgage deals that they are agreeing to put up with and payment methods. Still, some other concerns that include insurance policies, procurement of home appliances, the suitability of the house location vis-à-vis one’s work or children’s school are to be considered.

2.      Savings and investments for your children[2]

“Children don’t come cheap” is the statement that commences this short yet very insightful article which deals with an effective and forward-looking ways to invest for one’s children. In this times when managing one’s finances rightly becomes more and more difficult to do, it is certainly with a great sense of love and concern that one is called for to save for his/her children’s future and not compromise their wellbeing in the process.

There are a few things that can be noted to help achieve this task. First up, the article proposes that parents should open a “bank account” for their children. It may seem like it is too early children to actually save. But the whole point of the exercise is to start saving regularly when one finds some time and resources to do it. As in a case of a habit, saving little pennies for one’s children can “accumulate quickly” without actually being noticed.

Another proposal that the article gives is for parents to set aside some tax relief that the government provides for parents who raise children. But this can only happen if one is willing to actually avail of the tax allowance in the very first place.

As it stands, tax reliefs for parents raising their children is one hefty source of cash, and it defrays the cost of the children’s living expenses in many ways. It may be wise to check on the availability of this type of resources, as the article would implicitly suggest.

The article ends by elaborating how a parent can opt to open a trust fund for his/her children. This is a real investment for the children, yet it comes in a variety of choices. One may opt to simply save straightforwardly to a company for the children. Another option is to invest as though one does in stocks or shares. The third can be a combination of both. It really is up to the parents to choose the most viable alternatives to ensure that their children’s needs in the future will be secured and protected.

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