Factors Affecting Transformation in Architecture

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As quoted by Greek philosopher Heraclitus –“Everything alterations and nil bases still.”Its right to state that with clip there is a alteration in life style, civilization and environment which tends worlds to reform their heads and milieus. We adapt ourselves to our environment and milieus. Our first immediate context is the surrounding in which we live - shelter. The intent of shelter is to assist fulfill the physical and psychological demands of adult male. This calls for a shelter that would protect and carry through all the demands. This shelter is what we term as house.

“Shelter is of supreme importance to adult male. It is the premier factor in his changeless battle for endurance. In his attempts to shelter himself against the extremes of conditions and clime he has, over the ages, evolved many types of dwellings.”( Schoenauer, N & A ; Seeman, S 1962, p3 )

“The house is an establishment created for a complex set of intents. The edifice of it is a cultural phenomenon and its signifier and organisation are greatly influenced by the cultural surroundings to which it belongs... If the proviso of shelter is the inactive map of the house, so its active intent is the creative activity of an environment best suited to the manner of life of people.”( Bhalla, A 1998, p5 )

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The above really clearly states that the signifier and design of the brooding unit is based on the clime and civilization ( manner of life of people ) . Both of these factors are transforming due to invasion of scientific discipline therefore transforming the life spaces we reside in.

This is an effort to analyze these germinating fluctuations of brooding unit from traditional typology of courtyard house to match-box type flats in Delhi, chiefly concentrating on the latter.

Delhi being the one of the antediluvian every bit good as newest metropolis, provides us with the chance for analyzing non merely the earlier or latest form but besides all the subsequent phases of development. In Delhi, lodging transmutations have changed general traditional form of house signifier to modern-day manner of mass lodging to run into the increasing demands of lodging stock and to carry through modern aspirations of people.

Assorted inquiries raised during the brainstorming that the survey needs to reply: Change in life infinites was required or it’s merely the western influence? How edifices response to civilization, are they interlinked? How the altering life style has changed the typology of brooding unit? What are the factors behind these transmutations? Are we heading towards right alteration?

To happen replies to above inquiries, I would wish to analyze an illustration of brooding unit of Shahjahanabad, Colonial Delhi, and plotted development each and research on the development of flats from DDA Housing to Co-operative Housing to latest tendency of P.P.P. ( Public Private Partnership ) .

Factors act uponing the transmutations

There is displacement from ancient house designs to current times. House in older times was a topographic point of societal assemblage where people had their emotions attached, with more people but less furniture / contraptions while today house is like a large machine with less people managing all the hello – tech appliances. This is the journey from the natural airing to conditioned air, from natural visible radiation to LED, from societal amusement to telecasting, from green Fieldss to high rise edifices and so on. There are some influencing factors that lead to these alterations and hence taking to alter in reinforced signifiers.

These determiners are listed in assorted ways by assorted writers, philosophers, designers, pupils etc. For illustration ; Ar.Charles Correa, in his essay ‘Transfers and Transformations’ , referred that“architecture is at the intersection of major three forces. The first represents engineering and economic sciences, the 2nd, civilization and history, and the 3rd, the aspiration of people... Architecture is an agent of chage.”All three forces are altering with the clip and hence altering the architectural manner. Point of views of some more people are discussed below:

Assorted factors considered by Amos Rapoport in his book ‘House, Form and Culture’ to analyze their influence on the built signifier are:


Climatic determinism has been widely accepted in architecture. One demand non deny the importance of clime in finding the function in the creative activity of reinforced signifier. We build houses to maintain in a consistent clime, and to maintain out marauders.

Materials, Construction, and Technology:

These are non the signifier determiners but are the modifying factors. They decide neither what is to be built nor its signifier. They make possible the enclosure of a infinite organisation decided upon for other grounds, and perchance modify that organisation. They facilitate and make possible or impossible certain determinations, but ne'er decide or determine signifier. Change of stuffs does non needfully alter the signifier of house.

Site / Topography:

It is non certain that any consistent theory of site as a signifier determiner has of all time been proposed. It is still a inquiry if the site has finding influence on the reinforced signifier.


Defense has been cited more to account for tight urban forms that to find the signifier of homes.

Economicss / Occupation:

Economicss has been widely used to explicate colony and edifice signifier and its importance is so great. For illustration, herder life among agricultural people fails to accept their economic system, manner of life and house signifier.

Religion / Culture:

Amos Rapoport refers to the ‘The Temple and the House’ by Raglan who demonstrated that the house is much more than merely a shelter, there is something ‘the sacredness of the house’ . Some civilizations separated the house from their faith while for some – the house was the lone temple. Amos Rapoprt inferred that faith affects the signifier, program, spacial agreements and the orientation of the house but that is non cosmopolitan or inevitable determiner. He linked the civilization to faith and stated the illustrations from all over the universe where colonies and built signifiers are influenced by the universe and waies as proposed by faith.

Basic demands:

There are some basic demands as considered by Amos in his book ‘House, Form and Culture’ that determines the house signifier such as household, place of adult females, privateness and societal intercourse.

Assorted factors considered by Dharmender Aggarwal in his thesis ‘Transformations of residential countries in walled metropolis of Delhi – Shahjahanabad’ to analyze their influence on the transmutations of life infinites are:

Role of Lifestyle:

The mentality of adult male alterations from clip to clip. The manner he sees the universe around him, the mode in which he wants to set up with the exterior, the manner universe is like to projected to him and the manner in which he would wish to project himself – all these constitute major portion in his life style and all these shapes the infinite in which he lives.

Personal values:

The adult male has become more introvert. Peoples want minimal and formal dealingss with others. The nature of attitude towards outside universe has changed. As the house to suit human existences along with his values, hence such alteration in his values do alter the house signifier. Besides, people’s personal picks have changed, aesthetic values have alterations which calls for the transmutation in their home unit.

Social values:

The households are interrupting up. The construct of joint household is no more acceptable to bulk of people. The house which used to associate to larger graduated table is now related to smaller graduated table and therefore less complexness. Now, one wants minimal intercession and the sense of district is more definite. Such alterations do find the house signifier.

House Hold Properties:

The industrial revolution has great impact on many frontages of society. The industry and scientific discipline have more to offer for luxury, for amusement, for functional installation and comfort. These add-ons have changed the life style and house signifier has to react to these alterations.


Climate has major influence in the alteration of house signifier. Temperature, humidness, air current, rain, and radiation are major constituents of clime that need to be taken attention for while finding the house signifier.

Material and Construction Technology:

Material and building engineering have important impact on the house signifier.

Handiness of Land:

Handiness of land affects the transmutation due to degree of division and alteration of land usage form. The subdivision leads to higher denseness and accelerator to transmutation.

Deducing from above and as per my apprehension and treatment with my usher, following are the determiners act uponing the transmutations of life infinites:

Housing = Land + Development + House


Social is a wide term that brings under many sub factors under itself. It constitutes cultural, personal and spiritual determiners. With the fast moving lives, we are at a phase where we have about left behind our ancient societal values.

In older times, similar households non merely stayed together buta­­lsofunctioned as one immense macro household where differentiations were few. With the gradual dissolution of the household system and diffusion of society, the households moved off and the demand to remain together was no longer felt. Therefore, these yearss, atomic households are more than joint households, particularly in metro metropoliss like Delhi. Peoples are self sustained in footings of interaction. They have their ain appliances to be busy with alternatively of societal interaction and if they have societal interactions, so those are merely the formal 1s. It is the clip of more of individuality.

As we are heading towards a globalisation, aspirations of people have changed, civilization have taken a bend. Now, house is non merely a shelter but it represents the position symbol. Conditioned anteroom with LED telecasting has replaced unfastened to flip courtyards, acquiring off from nature. The civilization has been influenced by west so much that it has changed the attitude and behavior within the household construction. The individuality has evolved really strongly in present times. Now, every single member in household demands their ain private infinite in the house while in earlier times, household of 10 kids slept, read and resided in individual room / courtyard. Earlier household functioned under the leading of individual caput. The members followed and respected his / her sentiment. In class of clip, household grew smaller and the kids and adult females gained equal importance. Due rise in position of adult females, direct effect can seen on house, kitchen has become a topographic point of chief accent while planing, while earlier, it was the most ignored component. The present coevals have let lavatories to come in their sleeping rooms as compared to traditional times when those were placed off from house. Therefore, with changing civilization we need to transform the infinites we inhabit in.

Hence it is really justly stated“The house signifier is non a simple effect of physical forces or any individual insouciant factor, but is the effect of a whole scope of socio – cultural factors seen in their broadest terms.”( Seminar 4, 2002, p62, S.P.A. )

Economic / Functional:

The house needs to supply the needed infinite for every map. But in the class of clip, the maps to be served have wholly changed. Earlier it was the cookery, sleeping and other family work to be done in house and besides to function as their topographic point for business. Peoples used have cowss, farm equipments, and the storage, but now, one has segregated their business wholly from their house. Today’s house is merely supposed to be lived in holding the upper limit installations, doing the life at its best.

Besides, with the globalisation and entrance of MNC’s in and around Delhi, it has increased buying power of certain subdivision of society. With this, people are choosing for latest engineering. Again this engineering has intruded in all the parts of house from populating to bathroom, therefore altering the signifier of house. The new house has become the premier means to denote their reaching in higher category. Therefore, economic system has direct effect on the house.


The house needs to be built in coordination with the clime to supply comfy environment to the dweller. Though, there is non much alteration in clime of Delhi from earlier times, but there is debut of engineering and newer theories that lay down guidelines to construct. Earlier excessively we had guidelines that might be based on clime, but were practised in the name of God. Since we have intervened new proved guidelines and advanced engineering, therefore we have transformation in the life infinites.

Identifying the consecutive lodging typologies in Delhi from 17Thursdaycentury to current times.

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