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A Study of factors affecting moving forward

To properly critique this article, many guidelines are considered which include: data analysis and findings, discussion of the implication/recommendations, the statement of he problem, a literature review, hypothesis or research questions, description of conceptual/theoretical framework, research designs, sample and population, explanation of data collection and measurement, and explanation of procedures.Introduction Spinal cord injury (SIC) is a traumatic and devastating event in any person’s life (Chem., 2013).

Spinal cord injury might be partial or total, but whichever type can cause impairment of physical mobility leaving those affected with challenges of coping with rehabilitation.However, current treatment entities to focus in the provision of care in the acute stage and the prevention and (Chem., 2013) treatment of complications (Chem., 2013).

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SIC continues to impact the lives of those affected and their families socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Independence to the greatest ability of the patient is a long-term goal.

By providing a multi-disciplinary team to treat a patient, it gives additional professional support to allow a more rounded, stronger, and more positive recovery. Although many scientists are studying nerve regeneration and conducting stem cell research (Chem., 201 3) for the retirement of SIC but the cure is still a long way off (Chem., 2013). However, self-perception, age, self-efficacy are factors influencing individuals with SIC to successfully moving forward without withdrawing from the society.

Patients who effectively learn to cope and work with disabilities can then have a positive self-perception and achieve optimal self-efficacy. Today, asking questions, seeking answers, and implementing evidence-best practices will advance and guide how care is provided for the SIC patient with the goal of a more enriched life post-injury. Rehabilitation assists the individual to achieve he highest possible level of self-care and independence. This study was conducted in Taiwan, so it is vital to study the behaviors, cultures, and definitions when reviewing the literature.

Varying health beliefs on illness and behavior are expected. The difference does not mean that the study is invalid or negative. The research design for this quantitative article Was a descriptive-correlation, cross-sectional study. They studied the relationships between “moving-forward behavior” and how it relates to age, demographics, and disease characteristics (Chem., 2013). Three characteristics were combined o define “moving-forward behavior: self-efficacy, self-perception, and social support.

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