Essays on Mathematics

Essays on Mathematics

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Mathematics? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Mathematics essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Mathematics, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Business Applications of Measure of Central Tendency

“Measures of central tendency (averages) are statistical constants which enable us to figure out in a single effort the significance of the whole.” (Prof Bowley) The main objectives of measure of central tendency are: To reduce data in a single value. To make easy comparisons …

Words 844
Pages 4
A Reaction Paper on Nature’s Numbers: The Unreal Reality of Mathematics

Ian Stewart’s Nature’s Numbers: The Unreal Reality of Mathematics (New York: Basic Books, 1995) is a book that lets us see nature from a mathematician’s point of view, changing the way we view the world. The book begins off with an introduction of patterns that …

Words 777
Pages 3
Statement of Purpose For Ms Applied Statistics

Right from childhood, I was fond of mathematics and how it had the ability to convey a lot of information with so little illustrations. This, together with my consistent good performance in mathematics throughout high school, was responsible for the nurturing of a special interest …

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Pages 16
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Essay on My Favourite Subject

My favourite subject is the one that I can study for hours without getting bored. It is the subject that I look forward to studying in my class as well as at home. It has not been the same all through the years I have …

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Pages 12
Polynomials: Mathematics and Polynomial Function

Using Polynomials in the “Real World” Polynomial functions are used in our everyday lives in a few different ways, this includes art, architecture, construction, financial planning, and manufacturing. We can also calculate how long it will take one person to do a job alone when …

Words 268
Pages 1
A Comparative View of Education System of USA, China, and India

According to William Shakespeare, “The world is stage and we are actors in it. ” The outcome determines our performance and by those who direct us. Similarly, the education of our children depends on the directive of parent, teachers, and the government. The common view …

Words 104
Pages 1
History of Trigonometry

Running Head: History of Trigonometry History of Trigonometry Rome Fiedler History of Mathematics 501 University of Akron April 29, 2012 History of Trigonometry: An Introduction Trigonometry is useful in our world. By exploring where these concepts come from provides an understanding in putting this mathematics …

Words 4382
Pages 16
Math: Mathematics and Nurses

Math and Nursing My field of study in nursing. Nurses play a vital role in helping doctors care for patients in a variety of settings. In the field of nursing, mathematics is a crucial part of caregiving. Nurses have to use a variety of math …

Words 551
Pages 3
Golden Ratio in the Human Body

THE GOLDEN RATIO IN THE HUMAN BODY GABRIELLE NAHAS IBDP MATH STUDIES THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd 2012 WORD COUNT: 2,839 INTRODUCTION: The Golden Ratio, also known as The Divine Proportion, The Golden Mean, or Phi, is a constant that can be seen all throughout the mathematical …

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Pages 8
Applications of Integral Calculus

To find the moment of inertia, you find the area under, and also between the curve(s). An application in which integration is key to reaching the target value is a PAID Controller. The purpose of a PAID Controller is to determine the error between what …

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Pages 3
Alphabet of Lines

Alphabet of Lines The “Alphabet of Lines” refers to the different styles of lines used in drafting to show different features about an object that is drawn. There are eleven main line types – visible, hidden, center, dimension, extension, leader, section, cutting-plane, phantom, viewing plane …

Words 1438
Pages 6
The Importance of Teaching Mathematics and Science in English

Introduction The whole idea of a good education system is to prepare out children so that they are better prepared to face the challenges of globalisation, liberalisation as well as the fast development in today’s information and communication technologies. What it has done is given …

Words 529
Pages 2
Science and Mathematics: Al-Ghazzali, “On the Separation of Mathematic and Religion”

The selections written on mathematics and the scientific description of smallpox imparted that Islam is based on trust and faith in God and not some theory and hypothesis which can be relied upon only if it is proven through calculation, geometry, and cosmography or by …

MathematicsReligionScience And Religion
Words 47
Pages 1
Montessori Math

Montessori is an approach which many have adopted these days as a teaching method for children in preschool. The materials which they use create an environment that is developmentally appropriate for the children. Montessori believes that with the helped of trained teachers and the proper …

Words 2700
Pages 10
The Math in Figure Skating

Alexis Dillon l. Introduction This paper will be discussing the involvement of math in figure skating. There are three parts of skating that will be discussed in the essay; Jumps and moves in the field. Jumps require a lot of power, strength and knee bend …

Words 1424
Pages 6
Euclid: the Father of Geometry

In Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, one of the greatest mathematicians to ever exist on Earth was born in 325 BCE. This mathematician’s name was Euclid. He is said to be the son of Naucrates. Euclid was named after Euclid of Megara, a …

Words 312
Pages 2
A Day without Math

The teens of 2012 thought that the world might end was their biggest issue. As a teen of the twenty second century, I know how ridiculous their thoughts were. Of course, the world would not end., and it didn’t. However, the people of 1818 had …

AdolescenceMathematicsSpecial Day
Words 96
Pages 1
Proposal Online Banking

There has been a fundamental shift in the use of banking delivery channels toward self-service channels such the Internet [Hernandez-Ortega, 2007]. Internet banking, which was introduced in the early 1990s [Srivastava, 2007], makes it possible to replace the manual service functions provided by bank employees, …

MathematicsOnline BankingStatistics
Words 72
Pages 1
Torispherical Head Tank Volume

Calculating Tank Volume Saving time, increasing accuracy By Dan Jones, Ph. D. , P. E. C alculating fluid volume in a horizontal or vertical cylindrical or elliptical tank can be complicated, depending on fluid height and the shape of the heads (ends) of a horizontal …

Essay ExamplesGeometryMathematicsPhysics
Words 1775
Pages 7
Baer’s Comb Sorter

Baer’s Comb Sorter Diagram Fibre Length: The “length” of cotton fibres is a property of commercial value as the price is generally based on this character. To some extent it is true, as other factors being equal, longer cottons give better spinning performance than shorter …

Words 1805
Pages 7
Mathematical in India Past, Present, Future

Mathematics in India Past, Present and Future What is mathematics? “mathematics is a science of space, numbers and quantity” Past: Indian mathematics emerged in the Indian subcontinent from 1200 BC until the end of the 18th century. In the classical period of Indian mathematics (400 …

Words 572
Pages 3
Montessori Method and Child

The sequence of exercises through which the child is introduced to group operations with golden beads. “If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is life to be hoped from it in the bettering …

Words 2612
Pages 10
Similarities Between Math and Language

It occurs to me that learning mathematics, especially calculus and other forms of higher mathematics, is much like learning a foreign language. Math starts out like a foreign language, having its own symbols, definitions, applications, and structures. It is difficult to use at first and …

MathematicsSpecial Day
Words 326
Pages 2
School Kills Creativity – Ken Robinson

I agree with this statement, my explanation is that everybody got an education when they were born. First, you have to define the word “education”. In my opinion, education is the same as imitation because everyone learns by imitate from what people have done. Students …

Words 3702
Pages 14
Probable Probability; Rolling Dice

Statistics is based upon based upon common sense and logic, in a complex data. Probability is just one of the many topics in statistical mathematics. It is used in our daily life, all over the world. Even games, require taking a chance and using probability …

MathematicsScienceScientific Method
Words 478
Pages 2
Absolute Truth

True or false, probably a term most people are familiar with. Such a thing seems quite simple to comprehend, however determining whether something is true or not isn’t the easiest of tasks. In order to determine if something is false, we must first establish what …

Essay ExamplesMathematicsTruth
Words 1536
Pages 6
Leonardo Fibonacci Biography

Leonardo Fibonacci was born around 1170 A. D. , and died around 1250 A. D. He was born in Pisa, Italy, and died there too. Leonardo’s mom was Alessandra, and she died when he was nine. His father was Guglielmo Bonacci, who directed a trading …

Words 330
Pages 2
Testing the ppp theory-using regression analysis

To carry out this test of comparative data from the United States Dollars and Japanese Yen in comparison with the UK Pounds, the test must follow a clear set of step by step plan. The Question of whether PPP theory was tested in the following …

Words 584
Pages 3
Ada Solution Manual

The problems that might be challenging for at least some students are marked by; those that might be di the cult for a majority of students are marked by: Exercises 1. Do some research on al-Khorezmi (also al-Khwarizmi), the man from whose name the word …

Words 1730
Pages 7
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics V by: Quinee Mae B. Tumaliuan

A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MATHEMATICS V I. Objectives A. Visualize, identify and describe 3-4 sided polygons B. Draw 3-4 sided polygons C. Identify different geometric figures D. Observe patience and discipline in doing assigned works E. Work cooperatively and collaboratively in all activities II. …

GeometryLesson PlanMathematics
Words 547
Pages 2
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Mathematics is the science and study of quality, structure, space, and change. Mathematicians seek out patterns, formulate new conjectures, and establish truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions.


In math, an array refers to a set of numbers or objects that will follow a specific pattern. An array is an orderly arrangement (often in rows, columns or a matrix) that is most commonly used as a visual tool for demonstrating multiplication and division.


In mathematics, patterns are a set of numbers arranged in a sequence such that they are related to each other in a specific rule. These rules define a way to calculate or solve problems. For example, in a sequence of 3,6,9,12,_, each number is increasing by 3.


Among the principal branches of mathematics are algebra, analysis, arithmetic, combinatorics, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, game theory, number theory, numerical analysis, optimization, probability, set theory, statistics, topology, and trigonometry.


A mathematical model is an abstract model that uses mathematical language to describe the behaviour of a system. Mathematical models can take many forms, including but not limited to dynamical systems, statistical models, differential equations, or game theoretic models.

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Frequently asked questions

What is mathematics in your own words essay?
Mathematics is the study of relationships between quantities, magnitudes, and forms, using numbers and symbols. It includes the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Mathematics is used in every aspect of our lives, from the simplest everyday tasks to the most complex scientific and technological endeavors.Mathematics is the language of the universe. It is the foundation upon which all of science and engineering is built. It is the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe. It is the tool we use to understand the world around us.Mathematics is the study of patterns. It is the study of relationships between numbers and shapes. It is the study of the properties of space. It is the study of change.Mathematics is the study of the world around us. It is the study of the universe. It is the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe.
Why mathematics is important in our life?
Mathematics is important in our life for many reasons. Firstly, it is a fundamental part of our understanding of the world. It helps us to make sense of the patterns and relationships that we see around us. Secondly, it is a powerful tool for solving problems. It enables us to find solutions to a wide range of problems, from simple everyday tasks to complex scientific and engineering challenges. Thirdly, it is a source of enjoyment and satisfaction. Many people take pleasure in the challenge of solving difficult problems, and in the beauty and elegance of mathematical ideas. Finally, mathematics is important in our lives because it is the language of science. Without a good understanding of mathematics, it is difficult to understand and appreciate the work of scientists and engineers.
How do you write a math essay?
It depends on the specific essay you are writing. However, there are some general tips you can follow to help you write a math essay.First, you need to choose a topic. This can be anything related to mathematics, such as a mathematical concept, theorem, or problem. Once you have chosen a topic, you need to do some research and gather information about it. This can be done by reading books, articles, and other materials related to your topic.After you have gathered enough information, you can start writing your essay. Begin by introducing your topic and providing some background information. Then, present your main argument or point. Be sure to support your argument with evidence from your research. Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and restating your thesis.
What mathematics means to me?
To me, mathematics is a way of thinking and a way of looking at the world. It is a way of organizing my thoughts and solving problems. I use mathematics every day, whether I am working on a business problem, figuring out a tip at a restaurant, or balancing my checkbook. I find mathematics to be a very useful tool in my life.

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