Essays on Mathematics

Essays on Mathematics

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Mathematics? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Mathematics essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Mathematics, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Why I Love Badminton

While I like to read, play badminton and computer games, my first love is Math. Math is a spark in my intellectual curiosity. My desire to study Actuarial Science encapsulates my interest and love for Math. I learned of the Actuarial profession at a career …

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Pages 3
Who Am I – Answer Refflection

I am the only person I know completely. However, still when people ask me to tell something about myself, I often get perplexed. I am mostly left clueless about what to say. Many people experience this and it is often quite embarrassing. While we know …

About MeAyurvedaLoveMathematics
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Pages 10
Essay on My Favourite Subject

My favourite subject is the one that I can study for hours without getting bored. It is the subject that I look forward to studying in my class as well as at home. It has not been the same all through the years I have …

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Pages 13
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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born into an overwhembled Europe on the edge of collapse in 1646. There he would lay the foundations for automated calculations, logical computation, artificial intelligence and binary language. In western thought, Leibniz was grand and impressive, publishing books on law, economics, …

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Pages 2
Problems and Prospects of Thanjavur Art Plate Artisans

The Thanjavur Art Plate is a world famous one and is being produced only in Thanjavur Town. The making of Thanjavur Art Plate is recognised as small handicraft cottage industry, as the production takes place at the household level. The Thanjavur Art Plate artisans are …

Words 2232
Pages 9
Direct Torque Control Scheme

A schematic of Direct Torque Control is shown. As it can be seen, there are two different loops corresponding to the magnitudes of the stator flux and torque. The reference values for the flux stator modulus and the torque are compared with the actual values, …

Essay ExamplesMathematicsPhysics
Words 2127
Pages 9
What is Grid Computing

Grid Computing has become an important field of research, which has evolved from conventional Distributed Computing and High-Performance Computing for solving large-scale problems. Scientific and business applications are very complex and it requires massive computing power and storage space. Grid Computing environment supports the technology …

Computer ScienceMathematicsTechnology
Words 718
Pages 3
The Predominance of Poor Numeracy Among Children

The predominance of poor numeracy among children is by no means a new phenomenon. In fact this is corroborated by the following comments made in 1925 by the Board of Education: “Accuracy in the manipulation of figures does not reach the same standard which was …

Words 1023
Pages 5
The Impact of Culture Differences on Strategy Realisation in the Post-Acquisition Process

This study sets out to develop an understanding of why and how in the post-acquisition integration process, culture differences impact strategy realization. Based on clinical research, the effect of cultural differences was explored in multiple integration settings within a single multinational corporation. This pointed to …

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Pages 9
The Effects of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing On the Music Industry and Possible Technical Solutions

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0. Overview The advancement in technology has in one way or the other led to the discovery of the Internet and its associated benefits. Individuals across different age groups have found the Internet very helpful in their day-to- day activities as it …

DataInternetMusicMusic IndustryStatistics
Words 8403
Pages 34
Schizotypy & Creativity: Schizotypy and mental health amongst poets visual artists, and mathematics.

Introduction There has always been a notion that there has to be a connection between creativity and the predisposition to mental illness. This article in particular Daniel Nettle categorises the element of mental illness into numerous schizotypal traits of people who suffer from serious psychopathology, …

CreativityMathematicsMental HealthVisual Arts
Words 1332
Pages 6
Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Introduction Accident remedial measures are actions undertaken to correct perceived or actual deficiency or risks in road traffic to improve safety. A WHO 2004 report indicates that about 1.2 million people are killed annually the world over and forecast that by “2020 road accident will …

Words 1096
Pages 5
Data mining crime of data

1 INTRODUCTION 1.1MOTIVATION AND BACKGROUND In the society crime issue is very important. It is common knowledge within the society that crime induces vast psychological, human and economical damages to individuals, environment and the economy of a particular society itself. It is very important that …

Words 5426
Pages 22
Mathematical Logic for Computer Science

Abstract Art and Mathematics: Analogy The beauty of art relies on a person, who visualizes it, feels it and creates it. It stimulates us to see, hear and feel things that aren’t part of the material world. There has been a striking relation between mathematics …

ARTComputer ScienceMathematicsPaintingScience
Words 1415
Pages 6
Psychosis and Cannabis

Introduction: Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in the UK with 31 per cent of male’s ages 16 – 19 years and 24 per cent of females in the same age category using cannabis.1 Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant ‘Cannabis Sativa.’ …

AdolescenceEssay ExamplesMedicineStatistics
Words 2082
Pages 9
Private statistical database

Abstract As the statistical databases consist of important and sensitive information, the preservation of the privacy in these databases is of extremely significance. Despite the complexity of the statistical databases’ protection, there are diverse sorts of mechanisms which can keep out the confidential data. This …

DataDatabaseEssay ExamplesPrivacyStatistics
Words 3606
Pages 15
How is data mining applied to decision making?

Introduction Data mining is not actually a new concept to man it is as old as man’s existence. It is just that the name it has, and the method of data acquisition was crude in practice to man over the years. As man shifted from …

DataDatabaseDecision MakingStatistics
Words 2477
Pages 10
Value at risk: a quantitative study on the Nordic stock exchange

Abstract, The role of risk management has gained momentum in recent years most notably after the recent financial crisis. This thesis uses a quantitative approach to evaluate the theory of value at risk which is considered a benchmark to measure financial risk. The thesis makes …

BankEssay ExamplesInvestmentStatistics
Words 10761
Pages 44
Principal methods for healthcare research

Introduction Bulimia Nervosa (BN) is an eating disorder, which is characterised by repeated episodes of over eating and bingeing and by a set of compensatory behaviours intended to cause weight loss which includes vomiting, purging, fasting and excessive exercise. The American Psychiatric society (A.P.A. DSM-IV, …

Health CareInterviewStatistics
Words 3738
Pages 15
Is mathematics in business necessary in the decision making process?

Introduction In this assignment, I am going to show how Mathematics in business is necessary in the decision making process. The business which I have chosen to do my assignment is Corus. Corus is the steel manufacturing industry in Europe. Corus The steel industry has …

BusinessDecision MakingMathematics
Words 2072
Pages 9
The use of predatory tactics to prevent competitor entry: A case study of IKEA

Chapter 1 1.0 Introduction In this chapter, the researcher will present the background reasons why this research subject was chosen. Besides, the research questions and purpose of the dissertation are declared. Finally, the delimitation of my empirical study is clarified in order to narrow the …

Case StudyMonopolyStatistics
Words 10086
Pages 41
Choice, Pathways, and Transitions

Introduction In 2000, two books were published that were based on research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. These were Boys, Girls and Achievement: Addressing the classroom issues by Becky Francis and Choice, Pathways and Transitions Post-16: New youth, new economies in the …

Words 3329
Pages 14
Absolute Truth

True or false, probably a term most people are familiar with. Such a thing seems quite simple to comprehend, however determining whether something is true or not isn’t the easiest of tasks. In order to determine if something is false, we must first establish what …

Essay ExamplesMathematicsTruth
Words 1536
Pages 7
Number Sense

Mathematics requires students to makes sense of numbers. Students need to understand and apply numerical information to real life situations using quantitative methods to communicate, process and interpret numerical information (Booker, Bond, Sparrow & Swan, 2004). Number sense is involves students applying their mathematical skills …

Words 412
Pages 2
Common Courtesy

Impact of Common Courtesy on Public Transit: Literature review Common courtesy is likely seen as less and less of a social norm in public nowadays. With the hussle and bussle of city buses there is no exception for the lack of courtesy given in small …

Character TraitsEtiquetteExperimentStatistics
Words 1202
Pages 5
Maternal Mortality In Nigeria

Search Strategy Databases Used Multiple journal databases, book databases and online databases will be used for this assignment so that an in-depth study of the maternal mortality, including beliefs and cultural practices, of Nigerian women can be made. This will enable a greater understanding of …

Words 3323
Pages 14
Arithmetic Mean and Sample

1. In general, a …………… is a number describing some aspect of a population. a. Sample. b. Parameter. c. Inference. d. Correction factor. 2.  A sample quantity that serves to estimate an unknown parameter from a population is called: a. An equivalence. b. An estimator. …

Essay ExamplesMathematicsStatistics
Words 1305
Pages 6
The role of footwear in reducing falls in older people

Study Objective The role of footwear and foot characteristics has been extensively studied in older people to understand how these factors interact to induce falls, and further to endeavour to reduce fall as this has been classified as one of the more prevalent means of …

Words 1973
Pages 8
Bilateral trade model specification

In this paper, I base this model on the gravity model of international trade as Smith (1999, 2000, and 2002) and Rafiquzzaman (2002). The gravity trade model states that the amount of trade between two countries can be evaluated on their country-level characteristics (Anderson, J. …

Words 4975
Pages 20
Bankruptcy Prediction Models

Introduction The continuous increase in business bankruptcy over the past several decades has been alarming. Despite numerous studies and predictions from researchers and analysts, there seems to be inconclusive evidence to prevent business bankruptcy. The subject of bankruptcy has had significant publicity recently with the …

Words 4187
Pages 17

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Mathematics is the science and study of quality, structure, space, and change. Mathematicians seek out patterns, formulate new conjectures, and establish truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions.


In math, an array refers to a set of numbers or objects that will follow a specific pattern. An array is an orderly arrangement (often in rows, columns or a matrix) that is most commonly used as a visual tool for demonstrating multiplication and division.


In mathematics, patterns are a set of numbers arranged in a sequence such that they are related to each other in a specific rule. These rules define a way to calculate or solve problems. For example, in a sequence of 3,6,9,12,_, each number is increasing by 3.


Among the principal branches of mathematics are algebra, analysis, arithmetic, combinatorics, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, game theory, number theory, numerical analysis, optimization, probability, set theory, statistics, topology, and trigonometry.


A mathematical model is an abstract model that uses mathematical language to describe the behaviour of a system. Mathematical models can take many forms, including but not limited to dynamical systems, statistical models, differential equations, or game theoretic models.

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Why mathematics is important in our life?
Mathematics is a systematic application of matter. Mathematics is a systematic application of matter. Mathematics keeps our lives orderly and prevents chaos. Mathematics nurtures certain characteristics such as creativity and power of reason, spatial or abstract thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and communication skills.
How do you write a math essay?
Begin by explaining the topic. The introduction contains your theory claim. The introduction should include your claim about the theory.
What is Mathematics in your own words?
Mathematics is the study of numbers and patterns. The Greek word mathema (mathema) is the root of the term. This word can sometimes be abbreviated into maths (in England), Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States) or maths (in Canada and the United States). ... Numbers: How to count things.
What is the importance of mathematics essay?
Mathematics organizes our lives and stops chaos. Mathematics nurtures creativity and reasoning.

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