Essays on Language

Essays on Language

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First Language, Dialect, Slang and Jargon

There are different types of interpersonal interactions such as: speech, language (first language, dialect, slang, jargon), and non verbal (posture, facial expressions, touch, silence, proximity, reflective listening). The first type of interpersonal interaction is speech, people who are of different ethnic groups, cultures, professions and …

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Types of Slang

According to the range of usage, slang is divided into two types: general slang and special slang. General slang is the language which is popular for most people. It is used to break up the standard language and to vary the level of discourse more …

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Cameroonian Slang

The Camfranglais is a Cameroonian slang born in the 70s which is primarily a mixture of borrowed words in French, English, pidgin English and local languages and some newly invented words by the Cameroonian youth. It is an urban language which reflects the way of …

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The Use of Slang

The usage of slang can be seen in both daily life and art. In daily life, there are three interpersonal functions of slang words: pursuing selfidentity, expressing emotive feeling and achieving politeness. Firstly, people use slang words to show their self-identity. Obviously, different social groups …

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Bilingualism and Cognitive Development

I attempted to establish the effects that bilingualism has on the cognitive development of children, and whether children are effected positively or negatively. I reviewed a number of studies from different centuries to establish how the research has changed. I looked at methodologies, data sets …

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Cognitive Effect of Bilingualism: Enhancement by Stimulation

Bilingualism is considered to have numerous benefits in modern society. It enables a person to have competitive advantage in a simple communicative aspect but also in social success. As a result, more emphasis is given to learning a new language from early age and bilingual …

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Benefits of Bilingualism

It is an irrefutable fact that in the cosmopolitan world bilingualism is considered as the most advantageous skill which includes educational and social benefits. Although it has some drawbacks such as losing national identity and decreasing in the quality of the usage of mother tongue, …

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The Ways to Improve the English Language

How To Improve Your English Most people trying to learn an international language because it’s help to communicate with many people. Many people think learning English is hard. It’s important to learn English to change your life for better. How can novices people improve their …

English LanguageNovelVocabulary
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The Influence of Culture and Language Towards One Another

Culture and language People use language to express their ideas, feelings and thoughts, however variation in language seem to have an effect on how people interpret and act within their surroundings. Culture and language matters. This paper entails answering the question on how language and …

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Language and Its Functions in Society

Introduction Language is the most conspicuous and fundamental means of social interactions between humans (Sirbu, 2015). Many scholars assert that not only is it a mode of communication between individuals, but it is also a way for us to negotiate who we are and how …

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In The Honor of My Native Language

Why Change My Speech? I’m a proud descendant of Jamicans (Hail mi friends) & Puerto Rican (Que Pasa) So many people first question when they find out my nationality is can you speak Patois, or Spanish. Well yes I can speak Patois very well. Spanish …

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Effects of Bilingualism in an Individual

Around 21.6 percent of the United States speaks another language other than English at home (“Census”). The more an individual practice the language the more benefits it will have in their everyday life. The early development of a second language has many cognitive benefits. Cognitive …

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The Importance of Writing Skills

Writing is one of the most important skills for educational success, but also one of the most complex skills to be mastered It is one of the four macro skills of the English language that requires a great cognitive demand and much practice in order …

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The Pover of Language in the Handmaid’s Tale

Language is and extraordinarily dynamic element of our society and culture. It is the backbone of our community and is used daily as a form of communication to our associates and acquaintances. However, in Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” we get a glimpse into …

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What is Stylistics Approach?

Another approach to define slang is the stylistic approach. Within this approach it is defined as a level of usage. Partridge (1947) neutrally and rather vaguely defines slang as “the quintessence of colloquial speech”, or as in Flexner (1960) that it is “not accepted as …

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Why language is important in our life?
Language allows us communicate our feelings and thoughts. It is possible to learn another language and understand ideas and thoughts which may differ from your own culture.
What is the definition of language essay?
Language Essay: A grammar is an analytical system of communication. Language is communication that involves the use human languages. Linguistics refers to the scientific study or application of language.

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