Evolution of Event Industry

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Event Solutions The Game is about to change Executive Summary This proposal dedicates in finding the next innovation steps for One Marketing & Event Solutions in order to raise brand awareness, retrench operation costs and increase quality of services. An external analysis method is approached to research the current businesses trend. One of the most popular and well defined trends is online environment that has been established for a decade.

The finding draws attention that there is an evolution in using internet and virtual store to manage businesses. There is a high demand from both businesses and individual perspectives in term of finding information, sources of products and services online. Further investigation also reveals that the vehicles been used within these cases are Smartened. To accommodate such a change, software called Insofar - that satisfy every Omen's needs, criteria and also fit in the new business trend has been recommended for this organization.

Implementation process features every single aspects that MOMS which must consider and to avoid interruption and leverage the goals of the company. Evaluation included SOOT analysis, contingency plan, on the reposed software is taken into consideration to minimize or transfer the weaknesses and threats of the software. As a result, after in-depth research, full detail of implementation plan and evaluation, MOMS should adopt this software and new method of communication as a new approach during this evolution of technology in business environment.

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Businesses around the globe regardless medium, large or corporation have started adapted and alter their operation in order survive and grow. This drastic change has been recognized an evolution in business r in other world the technology is slowly taking places in every single sector and industries. As a part of this cycle, One Marketing ; Event Solutions is not immune from the invasion of technology. Thus MOMS is in needs of new strategy plan to catch up with the current evolution while still maximize the profit as well as maintain the title of pioneer in Event and Marketing sector.

The main purpose of this proposal is to provide an overview of the industry via research and suggest the most suitable solution for the company and how should One Marketing ; Event Solutions implement this new direction. The current trend of technology is virtual environment. For example: business communication, transaction, negotiation, meeting to be conducted via online without face to face interaction. Despite the most advantages of this technology, it still does not easily reconcile in Omen's operation due to its high demand of trust, identities and hardly imitate the nature of face to face interactions.

However, this report will analyses the important factors of having virtual business technology in order to adapt with this evolution. This proposal features an in-depth analysis based on statistics of how technology and internet influence on current businesses in Australia. Followed by the research, chosen software is adopted for this particular business with key benefits included. Next, a detail of five year strategy plan is presented in detail of transforming the business to a new direction.

This proposal report also includes an evaluation section that reveals strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the proposed solution. Research An external analysis has been adopted to approach this research in order to deeply understand of how related factors influence on Omen's business in regards to new technology. There are four areas of foundation in this research: an overview of Australian business and their desire operation, behaviors of Australian consumers towards this new virtual trend, Vehicles uses to access the technology, potential customers of MOMS.

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