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Powerful entrepreneurs such as Hershey and Mars have paved the path for candy companies to advertise and sell their products, likewise Chocolate enthusiasts such as Steve Almond and Betty Cocker have given he general public the knowledge and expertise of what a good chocolate bar should taste like, without these influential people, the chocolate industry would not be what it is today. The introduction of sweets in America is a thousand year-long expedition. Its adventure started in the Jungles of South America and ended up on the candy racks of American supermarkets.

The development of Candy in the United States and the candy industry began around the mid-asses 0, but humanity love affair with chocolate began at least 4,000 years ago in Mesospheric (Present day South America/ Central America) Where Cacao grew wild. The Lame's unlocked the secret of how to eat the bitter seed, thus launching the endearing phenomena. 0 Since then people around the world have turned to chocolate to cure sickness, appease gods, show love, buy rabbits, fete holidays, survive feasts, ward off scorpions and sustain warriors.

In fact, the making of chocolate has evolved into an industry so large that 40 to 50 million people depend on cocoa for their livelihoods-And chocolate farmers produce 3. 8 million tons of Cocoa beans per year. 0 Chocolate has very humble beginnings. The Cacao bean begins life inside of a fruit, called a pod on a tree in the tropics, armorial in remote areas of Northwest Africa. These delicate flower-covered trees need much tending to produce the best bean, but when farmed using sustainable methods they grow quite prosperous.

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Once in a factory, they are ground, pressed, heated and stirred to create luxurious chocolate. 0 With its 1,500 flavor compounds, chocolate provides plenty to contemplate. It can seem fruity or spicy, earthy or sweet or like lavender or lemons-The list goes on and on. With Chocolate's rather long history, it is not surprising that they are many chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. The classic chocolate lovers Hershey and Mars are irately well known and many Americans have been grateful for their products but Evolution of the American Chocolate industry: By Tempests 7 things to say about the chocolate industry. See, only a chocolate Jesus Will satisfy my soul. " Steve Almond Steve Almond is a well-known candy conspirator theorist, who believes that the candy factories are ruled by conglomerates, where the little guys are being stomped out unable to survive even though they are the last link to the glorious boom of the candy bar: "To call the operation a factory is technically correct but somewhat overstates the scale of things. It looked more like an industrial kitchen. () Steve Almond is also a lover of chocolate, and believes that anyone who isn't, well: "Every now and then, I'll run into someone who claims not to like chocolate or other sweets, and while we live in a country where everyone has the right to eat what they want, I want to say for the record I don't trust these people, that I think something is wrong with them and that they're probably this must be said-total duds in bed. " Despite Almonds odd experiences with chocolate they are modern chocolate enthusiast that are also well known, such as Betty Cocker/ Cocker is a famous baker ho has a special touch when it comes to all things chocolate.

In fact she has published several books on the nurture and culinary of the candy. "Everyone loves chocolate, whether it's creamy fudge, rich brownies gooey chocolate sauce or a delicious tart. The beauty of chocolate is that it can be all things to all people, from a simple snack to a delightful lunchbox treat, to a show-stopping desert. " Complete instructions on buying, storing and cooking with chocolate along with explanation of chocolate terminology provide all the information you need to become an expert in chocolate, are provided in her cook books.

Step by step storing and preparation of chocolate according to Betty Cocker, include these special steps. 1. Chocolate can be stored in the refrigerator if tightly wrapped to keep out most moisture and odors. Cold chocolate becomes hard and brittle so remove it from the fridge and let stand at room temperature. 2. Coca is less sensitive to temperature and humidity than chocolate. It is best to store chocolate in a tightly covered container to a cool dry place. 3.

Tempering chocolate is an exact process of slowly raising and lowering the temperature of metal chocolate until the fat crystallizes in the coca butter stabilize. While the Chocolate isn't classified as true chocolate because it does not contain chocolate liquor. As well-known and celebrated as these chocolate lovers are the main force behind the consumption of chocolate not Just in America but world wide is contributed to these two men. Hershey and Mars. These men created a huge corporation for Chocolate and paved the path for its selling all around the world.

Before I explain the background of each of these candy titans, there must be a brief history of them. Forrest Mars, often call "The Howard Hughes of Candy," was one of the most successful (And private entrepreneurs in America, a brilliant autocrat who built a unique $20 billion-a year empire. () He is best known for introducing M&M's and the Mars bar, as well as orchestrating the launch of Uncle Ben's Rice. Forrest Mars worked with his father at Mars, Inc. However the pair ran into a disagreement when from his father and moved to England where he created the Mars bar in 1933.

In Europe, Mars briefly worked for Nestle and the Tablet Company and after he returned to the United States, Mars started his own food business, Food Products Manufacturing, where he established the Uncle Ben's Rice line and a Epicure food equines, Pedigree. Mars then developed M's, the chocolate covered in a crunchy shell which quickly "melts in your mouth, not in your hands. " They were modeled after a candy that he had discovered while in Spain during the asses. It is believed that he got the idea when he saw soldiers eating a similar candy during the Spanish Civil War. Hershey, the name means Chocolate to America and the world, but it also stands for inspiring man and a uniquely successful experiment in community and capitalism. He produced a business empire devoted too higher purpose. 0 Milton s. Hershey was one of the twentieth century's most eccentric and idealistic titans of industry, He brought affordable milk chocolate to America, creating and then satisfying the Chocolate urges of the Millions. Hershey pioneered techniques of branding, mass production and marketing and gain widespread fame as the Chocolate King.

But before he became known as "King" Hershey started as a poor child with a deep traumatic childhood. Yet Hershey overcame his past and created a legacy that is to be remembered by all the children of the world. Hershey began his dream in 1883 when he attended the world's Colombian Exposition. There he attached chocolate being manufactured, Impressed he purchase the new manufacturing, at a great expense and had it shipped from Germany to his factory in Pennsylvania, thus releasing the Milk chocolate bar.

Hershey chocolate endeavor did not end after his success in Pennsylvania, Years after it's the industry opening Hershey continued to make chocolate sweets for the masses. In 1907 after the great success of the Milk chocolate bar, Hershey introduces the beloved Hershey Kisses. The original Hershey Kiss was called Silvereyes and sold as individual units. Inventions like these have kept Hershey on top, although Over the years, Mars and Hershey have copied each other's products.

Competition has run high in the candy industry further probing Almonds conspirator claims. For instance; Mars spent an estimated $400 million a year to advertise its products across America, Milton S. Hershey reported touring Swiss factories in an effort to learn how to make better chocolate. Another quote from Almond exclaims that: Mimi can't patent a chocolate bar. You can't patent a name and a wrapper and a logo. But the recipes and ingredients are fair game; there is nothing to stop a competitor from selling a copycat version of your product. ) More than likely any off-brand candy you have eaten before the exact same ingredients are in some other candy company products. So Almonds other quote, is correct in stating: "Success in the Candy market, often has less to do with producing the best candy as it is with getting to the market first. When a Candy company comes up with a popular innovation the competition had better figure out how to match that feat, and quickly. " Nevertheless, even with the chocolate industry ups and down, we all agree that the sweet elixir is well worth the fuss.

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