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We hope “Live Wire Media” needs no introduction to you. We are glad to observe from our records that the top officials of your Organization have been attending the annual Event, “Brainstorming Session” for the management executives from different types of manufacturing Organizations.

The goal of such Organizations is simple and direct. To care for the customers and sell more! This truth is known for a well-informed, progressive Organization like yours. Here we are presenting you the details about our 4th “Brainstorming Session.”  Why again you need to choose “Live Wire Media” for the workshop of this genre?

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That which is evident requires no elaboration or appreciation. For example, light is bright; and it is evident. Milk is white; and it is evident. Simply say, “Live Wire Media”—and everything is evident to the who’s who of the business world. You know about our contribution to your growth by your participation in our “Brainstorming Sessions” in the past.

A special team headed by our Chief Public Relations Officer has delivered the invitation card at your office this morning. Kindly be informed that due to limited number of seats, two representatives from each Organization are expected to attend the session. The two-day session lasting for sixteen hours has been divided into eight parts and the duration of each session is for two hours. The brochure attached to the invitation provides further details.

An advance copy of the souvenir, “WE REACH” to be released on the occasion is sent herewith for your information and guidance. We thank you for the valuable contribution of the article by your Managing director, “Have a will to grow, and grow you will!” Industry veterans of thirty four Companies from abroad have confirmed their participation in the session and they are all giant multinationals.

The Electronic and Print Media will be present in strength to cover the deliberations of this event. We request you to send two copies of presentation from your Organization, at least one week before the scheduled event, so that the highlights of your valued submissions can be addressed by the chair. We expect, the ideal submission will be around 5 pages, though no restrictions are placed as for the length of the submission. Please feel free to write your well-researched views.

     Though “Live Wire Media” arranges about 40 such meetings, in a year, “Brainstorming Session” is our  flagship event that invites the attention of business organizations, world-over. Some of the important benefits of participation are,

1. Showcase your new products and be involved in the give-and-take trends. Build new relationships and strengthen the existing relationships.

2. The attached spacious hall to the conference venue has special arrangements for display of your latest products. Our trained sales-force is available to assist you, if need be.  This service is on payment basis.  Please seek more details from our Public Relations Officer.

3. Exchange ideas and seek/solutions from the decision-makers.

4. Gain technical knowledge about the new products.

“We are committed in helping you build relationships with clients and major industry associations. We have the tools and resources available to provide you with the most effective ways to branch out your company, association or organizations.”(BNP…)

On the eve of this conference we shall be issuing a sponsored press release, clubbing the various inputs to be provided by the participating organizations. To give the final shape to this release, we invite inputs from you for consolidation. No extra charges are expected for this exercise, and the expenses devolved on the advertisement, are covered in the participation fees. We are sure you will make use of this opportunity for public exposure of your innovative products. Mention something about your future expansion plans, from the global perspective. Kindly adhere to the deadline indicted in the brochure for submitting the inputs.


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