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Enrollment System

It is clear that the world has taken so many changes. Everything has changed because of the high technology people acquired now and these are the results of the studies made by the professional. They have come up with machines that are easy and convenient for the users.

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One of these is the computer.

In a fast changing world, new emerging technology development has launched itself into the information market. Personal computer architecture evolves so fast that that that software engineering also adopts to cope with the change. School of whether private or public needs to specific software to automate work to lessen the hassle of scanning those old cabinet filed documents to find just a single record.

Thus, most institutes nowadays have recognized the importance of computer to cope with the pressing demands of the market. Schools of today are using this technology in their daily transactions. Automated book monitoring system, student’s information system are must to ensure accuracy and efficiently in every school transaction.

This study is conducted in order to improve the recording of the enrollment of Lahug Christian School ( LCS ). The researchers chose this institution as their respondent because the said school is currently using a manual enrollment system in processing student’s enrollment system.

Problems are encountered using the manual system. It is the main reason why the researchers motivated to propose an Automated Enrollment System of Lahug Christian School ( LCS ). It will provide students and users a fast, reliable and more convenient way of acquiring information of the student’s records. It also helps the administration provide information in a short period of time.

Consequently, the researchers aim to develop and design an Automated Enrollment System to their respondent which is the Lahug Christian School.