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Intelligent Enrollment System

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Intelligent Enrollment System for Magmata Science High School A Project Presented to the Faculty of SIT college Global City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology by Conge, ROI Carrel Davis, Aimed All Maxima, John Voltaire Pinned, Emmanuel Mr.. Emerson Floors Project Adviser July 7, 2014 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Magmata Science High School is one of the most prestigious high schools here in Magmata or even the country.

Its population is mainly a mix of smart students and skilled or experienced teachers. Students who made it to the school are mainly picked based on grades and/or their performance in the school's entrance exam. All enrolled students here are scholars from government of Magmata. They are even given allowances aside from free tuition, all of these are done because the students of this school are expected to hold the future of our countries science and technology area. As a science school, a common misconception by people is that the school has an automated system already.

This proved to be untrue for Magmata science high school. Processes such as purchasing, enrolment etc. Re done manually and with a lot of paperwork. Among these, the proponents will be focusing on the enrolment process of the school. More popular universities and colleges in the Philippines have good enrolment systems. Some of them are done on the web while some are Just more efficiently structured for fast enrollment (Bank payment of tuition, RIFF, etc). Magmata Science's current enrolment process compared to other science high schools is not that good.

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Other science high school's population is big compared to them but they're optimism is present because of the current system they use. Most of the current process is composed of papers going through the guidance and registrar departments. Papers are important for this school as well on the interview, the CIT coordinator said that less paperwork is good. Inconsistencies on the manual processes have been uncovered throughout the data gathering process. Since the employees themselves want to maximize their time, a good enrolment system could take care of the Jobs that would take time for them.

While Magmata Science's current enrolment is still not that efficient compared to the others, the developers are planning to create a system for the school. The developers are expecting a gradual rise of the student's population for upcoming years that is why the proponents will develop a mixture of ADS (Decision Support System) and MIS (Management Information System) namely an "Intelligent Enrollment System". This is a computerized system with a decision support function that can remove the inconsistencies of the current manual process.

Since people in the school wanted to hasten the Jobs like sectioning, report creation etc. This system will do it for them with minimal management. It will also feature an easy to learn interface that even the unfamiliarity's ones can easily adapt. . 2 PROJECT BUSINESS RULES ADMISSION PROCESS Before the admission for the incoming freshmen, the principal will set the schedule for admission test then the CIT Coordinator will post it to their website (www. Masterpiece. Deed. PH) including the requirements needed. Their admission are only for freshmen.

The applicant for Grade VII must be a member of the 2014 graduating class from any public and government recognized private elementary school; Have a grade of at least 85% in Science, Mathematics and English subjects and at least 83% in all other subjects for the first and second grading periods of the rent school year 2013-2014. Grades obtained in the succeeding grading periods (3rd and 4th) lower than the grade requirements will be a ground for disqualification. Be in good health and be of good moral character.

The applicant must present the following requirements: a certification of good health from a government physician, a certification of good moral character from the Guidance Counselor/Principal, a certification from the elementary principal that the applicant belongs to the upper ten percent of the graduating class, SYS 2013-2014, statement of parent that the applicant has no pending application as immigrant in the USA or any other country within the next six years, principals Certification of Grade VI 1st and 2nd quarter grades and the final average for grade IV and V, two (1 " X 1 ID pictures taken within the application period with name tag of the applicant.

All certification are found in the application form; separate sheets for certification are not allowed. The application form can be obtained from the Guidance Office of Magmata Science High School or can be downloaded here, http://www. Masterpiece. Deed. PH/ admission. HTML/Application form moms extranet test. UDF Applicants for admission are to secure and to accomplish application forms from the Guidance Office or Registrar Office. Only students with duly accomplished forms will be allowed to take the entrance examination. The test permit will be issued to the parents or guardian upon presentation of the accomplished form at the Guidance Office. There are an average of 900 applicants who take the exam every school year.

Checking of the exam papers and the sectioning of the student are done and will be processed for at least 2 months. Students who passed will have a section made by he year level chairman who made their section by having a list of the qualifiers' names. And they will be informed through their website or on the school's bulletin board. The Successful applicants will then be interviewed by members of the administrative staff for classification purposes. Schedule of interview will be announced through MOMS website. Only Two hundred eighty (280) successful applicants will be admitted to Grade VII this school year 2014-2015, those students are also going to undergo general encoding.

Those who will fail to enroll within the enrolment period will be replaced by the next in rank. ENROLLMENT PROCESS Enrollment in this school is considered as a formal acceptance by the students of the obligation to faithfully carry out their responsibilities and their expression of willingness to collaborate with the school administration and faculty. Students shall enroll on the date set for their particular year level. They will undergo final General encoding in the BEES office where in their information are obtained all of which are: LEARN, Name, Gender, Birthday, Mother tongue, Religion, Address, Barraging, Municipality, Province, Parents, Mother's Maiden name, Father's Maiden name, Guardian and Contact number.

They will input these details by encoding it in an excel spreadsheet on one of the six computers set-up by the school in the BEES office. Report Cards (Form 138), certification of good moral character and Barraging Captain Certification of residence (proofs if necessary) are required for the enrollment. This requirements will be collected still in the BEES room, from the students by a representative from the registrar's office. The information will be disseminated to the guidance office and the registrar's office where the information will be stored. After all the enrollment processes, the enrolled students shall receive a certificate of enrolment.

They don't have to pay since the government pays for their studies. The students who fail to come on the prescribe enrollment period will be scheduled to enroll after the last day of 4th year enrollees. Transferees must be a student in science high schools only, otherwise they will not be eligible to enroll. School date is absolute so anyone cannot transfer to the school if the school year already started even if they came from another science high school. GRADING PROCESS At the end of every grading period, the teachers will pass the final grades of the student to the respective advisers. There will be a watch list for those who fails to meet the standard grading requirement, which is a AWG of 85%.

Inaccurate and unreliable transferring of student information to the registrar During the general encoding, the BEES sets up 6 computers in the BEES office for the encoding of the student's information. The students encode it in MS Excel spreadsheet. The problem with this is that the computers are not networked and so the details are all separated. What the CIT head does is to copy and paste the information encoded by the student to the separate file that she made. This process proved to be tedious and unreliable so she double checks it and takes more time. Inefficiency in handling student entry in general encoding During general encoding, the student enters his/her information in an MS Excel spreadsheet.

New students doesn't have a problem since they still don't have existing information. However a problem arises when the old students do the general encoding. Because the school stores the general information in hardcopy documents, their existing data isn't available for editing in excel, so every year that they attend general encoding, they enter personal information from scratch again. This proved to be inefficient because it takes more time. The problem in scheduling the teachers' class load The scheduling of the teacher's time is done by the department head. Schedules are done during summer by plotting the schedules on paper or through excel worksheets.

That means they will know their exam score on the same day the exam is taken. It will ultimately save time for the school to check the exam papers. Create a networked database connection between the PC's to handle separated data. To systematically connect the data in the six (6) PC's, the proponents will create a networked database to store data on only one (1) data storage so that the CIT coordinator will not be having a hard time in collecting information. It will also save time and effort for the remaining process. Create a process for instant retrieval of existing student information during general encoding The proponents will create a function to retrieve the student information.

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