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High School Enrollment System

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Chapter II Review of Related Literature These are the studies and documentation that were gathered which can support the proposed system and will serve as an overview of the presentation of the system analysis. The remarks that have been gathered show the demand for this kind of software. It not Just ease the burden of the users but also it gives the system consistency which only specialized software can provide. It includes the foreign and local studies. These data are important aspect in the development of the project. The following are the works the researcher have taken into consideration: Local Studies

Health system around the world are now facing a crisis of personnel shortage, low morale, and fading of trust. This has led to loss of health workers, weakening of health services, and erosion of public trust in the health system. For the enhancing and effectiveness support from the government must apply to them definitely. 1 . Provincial Government of Vulcan District Hospital Information System (THIS) The District Hospitals serve areas in the Province of Vulcan which are outside the catchments area of the Provincial Health Office, based in the City of Mallows . The THIS was piloted in Reaction M.

Mercado Memorial Hospital (RUMMY) in Sat. Maria, Vulcan in the year 2003. To date, all the other district hospitals in Baling (Baling District Hospital), Hexagon (Emilio G. Perez Memorial District Hospital), Vulcan (Gregory Del Pillar District Hospital), Calumet (Vulcan Maternity and Children's Hospital), and San Miguel (San Miguel District Hospital), are starting to utilize the system in their daily operations. THIS transforms the administration of the district hospitals under the Provincial Health Office from manual to digital. The system automates transactions, linking data entered at the Admission Section or POD

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Department, the Pharmacy, Laboratory, X-Ray, Billing, Collection and Records Section. Inventory and supplies data are entered at the Supply Section. Because the system uses an integrated database, it reduces the volume of redundant paper files kept in separate locations within the District Hospitals. The centralized database also makes it easier for users to process and retrieve data. The THIS thus enables the hospital staff to deliver services faster in a more organized manner, more accurately, and more conveniently. They can now process data and provide feedback to clients.

The automation has also decreased the time spent by staff on their routine work. The THIS provide a number of support services, Entry of Incoming Supplies, Requests, and Issued Supplies, Patient's Bill, Accomplishing Patient's Philately Form. Compared to MASH Record and Billing System include administrative services relating to personnel, supplies, inventory, and finances. The staff maintains an inventory of medical supplies and medicines. The billing section computes bills for patients. These support services require an organized management and presentation of data, accuracy in recording, computation, and reporting, and nonviolence of use. . Medical Center Manila Nursing Services Monitoring System Department of Health and accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. Managed and operated by Hospital Management Services, Inc. (HAMS), MGM was established in 1967 by a group of distinguished physicians who were graduates of the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PUGH), headed by Nobel Prize Nominee and National Scientist for Nuclear Medicine Dry. Paulo C. Campus, made possible with the whole hearted support of Mrs.. Caseload Lori Dildo and Mrs.. Josephine Murphy-Conjuring.

The Nursing Services Monitoring System will feature a network of computers that transmit and receive scheduled of nursing services. Access to the system is limited through password for ever user and user domain. A user must first log-in into the system before he can actually penetrate any module in the system. Main menu is displayed after logging in. The system feature the kinds of nursing services rendered to the patient as well as the schedule of these. Compared to MASH Record and Billing System, The MOMS focus only on the improvement of the quality of nursing services.

The system aims at providing support for the nurses who are under heavy loads of patients. The MASH Record and Billing System is developed to improve the quality of services that the hospital can give to the patients. It utilizes a centralized patient record to connect the people and process that drive the business. 3. Philippine General Hospital Care System The Philippine General Hospital (PUGH) is a tertiary state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines, Manila, the University of the Philippines System's Health Sciences Center.

It is the largest overspent hospital administered by the university, and is designated as the National University Hospital. It is located at Eremite, Manila in the Philippines. It is the biggest hospital in the country with a 1,500-bed capacity. It is a mixed-use hospital, with 1,000 beds for indigent patients and 500 beds for private patients, and offers some of the lowest rates for patients and is generally known as the hospital for indigent patients. The computing history of the Philippine General Hospital has proven its capacity to maintain its vision to be premiere institution to take care of problems and related diseases.

The Philippine General Hospital (PUGH) had been using a computer for its business operation, particularly for its Patient Billing. With the purchase of its first general-purpose computer, programs were developed automate the process of Discharging of Check-up Package Medical Patient, Notice of Additional Deposits, Balance Summary Report, Income Center Report, and Patient Directory. Access to the system is limited through password for every user and user module in the system. Main menu is displayed after logging in.

It has management mechanism that efficiently locates and monitors nursing human availability. The Philippine General Hospital Care System developed the automate process of Discharging of Check-up Package Medical Patient, Notice of Additional Deposits, Balance Summary Report, Income Center Report, and Patient Directory that is limited only to patients. Compared to MASH Record and Billing System, it improve the quality of services that the hospital can give to the patients and also manages the stock of medicines.

It utilizes a centralized Inventory system to monitor and to prevent shortage of medicine availability. 4. Capitol Medical Center Record System the year 2003. Capitol Medical Center Inc. Hurst to digitize the medical records is a major step in providing the patients and medical professionals with a more efficient system of archiving and retrieving patient records. It is a user friendly and each record contain all necessary information related to a patient, from time of admission, diagnosis, to date of discharge, and procedures performed.

This database will include no less than 40 fields in each patient's record that will make it wholly complaint with the reporting standards of Department of Health (DOD) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHILATELY). The CM record archiving system will have the ability to access the millions of records we now have in storage. Where it would normally take us three days to retrieve and print out a patient's medical records, the archive system can help us to dramatically reduce this waiting time to Just minutes.

Compared to MASH Record and Billing System, The CM have the ability to access medical records in providing the patients and medical professionals that is limited only to patients. MASH Record and Billing System, improves the quality of services relating to personnel, supplies, inventory, and finances, maintains an inventory of medical supplies and medicines, computes bills for patients. This is a valuable tool for Hospital management. 5. Computerizing of Medical Record (COM) The developer Dry. Victor E.

Pollack developed the software for keeping the medical records of the patients and for the fast and easy access of user in searching the information. The system implement includes the on-line computerized data handling system. The system has objectives to the successful computerized system which includes a demonstrated superiority to the current record systems in case of clinical SE while providing pertinent and complete information, and while recording important and unexpected complications or physiologic processes.

The capability of improving the decision making processes in clinical data; the provision of a model for monitoring the quality of medical care, and on-line availability of the data at any time for clinical use and interpretation. The COM uses on-line computerized data handling system to access current record systems that is limited only to having an Internet connection that will be costly for a hospital. Compared to MASH Record and Billing System, it allows the user to access, edit, check, print and store record of a selected patient without the use of Internet connection.

Foreign Studies The Science and Technology of medicines has incredibly advanced from simple medical practices to computer-aided robotics that literally performs. The developers of this system expect the readers to be enlightened with vision of conducting more thesis that concern the innovation and creation of utility aids for the purpose of improving medical services. 1 . Patient Management Information System (MIS) MIS by Dry. Usury Bali is used by several hospitals in the U. S. Because of its functionality, efficiency and effectiveness.

It was improved legibility and completeness of documentation, data with better accessibility and accuracy. The Patient Management System is a user-friendly, window-based system software that includes billing, scheduling and management reporting. It has additional modules that interface to MIS includes collections clinical information and third party products. An effective information system of Patients in hospital is critical to the directly affected when are record are wrong or someone's are missing a file or record. The MIS will organize, systematize, and it will take care of the records.

Changes in reimbursement rates and regulations for the outpatient rehabilitation industry are motivating clinic owners and administrators to find new ways to improve productivity, slash administrative costs and eliminate sources of claim denials. Connecting the people involved in these processes when they need it is key to improving your clinic's business performance. This study is similar to our research in a way they're objectives in making this system is the same. They both target to have a organize, systematize records. The patients will have accurate patient files.

But on the contrary this system targets also on the unrelated studies and additional modules includes collections clinical information and third party products. While in the our system focuses only the patient and the hospital management that is much related to the study. 3. Hospital Information System of SCM Corporation This Creative Socio- Medics Corporation's mission in providing hospital information system is to deliver the best technology, application and services to the health and human services industry by Pill Chunk, Thomas You and Noah Schneider. Creative

Socio- Medics Corporation provides hospital information system and software, such as its Avatar Suite products to both the public and private health and human services, healthcare, medical system, plastic surgery, health development for integrating EMMER, managed care, Doctor Technology, computer systems Electronic Medical Record, Cross-platform. Well-known system such as this provides the hospital along with its employees and patients, much ease, reliability and functionality. It provides one place to go for referrals, patient intake and scheduling, clinical documentation, charge entry, insurance authorization and billing management.

Comparably this system is the same with the research study we conduct. They both provide medical records of patient, billing statement, patient intake and scheduling by the use of computerized technology. On the other hand our research only focus on the medical problems. Likewise these system also focus on the Hospital Information that are not related to patients. 4. LLC - Hospital Management Information System Hospital Management Information System by Rowena Luck and Melissa Ho in Ghana, addresses the entire major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospital.

Package enables better patient care, patient safety, and efficiency and reduced costs. Provide easy access to critical information. The system provides the benefits of streaming of operations, enhance administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. Hospital Management Information System is developed on the latest relational database system Visual Basic 6. 0. Hospital Management Information System can be easily customized to the experiments of any hospital. It helps in maintaining a totally secured database of Patients and business information.

This system is GUI with user friendly screens and has an easy installation. Has an easy data retrieval with single mouse click and fully parametric billing structure with security features and Service provided by hospital. It can easily Back-up and restore facility without manual intervention. This system is very much related with our Basic 6. 0. And it also provide patient's record. The difference, is our system don't provide easy access to critical information that is limited to the Administrator but can be viewed by user. Some hospital prefer to restrict access of Patients personal Record because it is much safer. . Master Hospital Information System The Master Hospital Information System by Julienne Pays, Frederic Serviceman's and Gallinule Gingered help you ensure that your organization has a clearer claim before dropping the bill. Some hospital, medical groups, and other Healthcare organizations have installed computer system to manage patients information. This will give immediate access to complete patient information as well as tools to guide decision- making and help prevent errors. The complexity of outpatient data flow creates problems many hospital are endings extremely difficult to solve.

Master Hospital Information System has develop a software solution to support outpatient coding and basic patient data management task. Hospital enjoy the flexibility of choosing the software modules they need and also implementing them in phases. The Master Hospital Information System provide patient information and bill limited only to patients. Compared to MASH Record and Billing System, it manages and monitor the patients and also deal with the stock of medicines. It has an Inventory system to monitor and to avoid shortage of medicine availability.

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