Enrollment system

Chapter 1: Introduction

The computerized enrollment system process the way of the school transaction can work easier and better way how the implement for the enrollment system. It brought a new level of the enrollment transaction. The said system can lessen the time for processing time of transaction

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because it is quick and automated. The hardware equipments like desktop computers and printers can process the transaction in order to work for to be done faster.

1.1 Background of the Study

The group programmers develop a proposed software system to analyze the particular problems in the school. The processing time of the transaction might be minimized how to access the student records very quickly rather than the usual traditional manual system. Another benefit of the proposed system is the convenient way of the storing and retrieving student information made easy and for the future use. The Academia De Covina, Inc old practices may replace for the group programmer’s proposed system that will cut down the cost of the materials needed for manual processing of the enrollment and reduce much effort.

1.1.1 History

Academia De Covina Inc. is located to Blk. 5 Lot 51, Casmalia St. Ph 2 Covina Village Buhay na tubig . Imus, Cavite is taken from the named of the Subdivision “Covina Village”. Established on the year 2004-2005 and the persons involved about the management of the school is the Jacobo family. They started with 50 Students, 1 room and 3 Teachers only. After the whole year they build 2 buildings or castle (literally in structure) for Preparatory and Nursery Department. The Academia De Covina, Inc is a private Christian school with a affordable tuition fee. Year 2008, The school was approved by the DepEd Recognized the school. Through the years, the school changes their architectural structures because they know students will increase need to adjust the department and room occupying for their study.

The maximum of the students per classroom is 20 and all the room is fully air-conditioned.

1.1.2 Mission and Vision

In the mission and vision

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Enrollment system
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statement of the school “The Academia De Covina, Inc” stated that how to lead students in their support for academic and how to become a good example individual in community through teaching a Christian studies. The student will have been achieved their goal and dreams and prepared for the challenges they encounter. Mission

The global, national and local situation is characterized by unjust structures – imbalance in the distribution of wealth and power, massive poverty and misery. Man’s greed and selfishness drives him to exploit others thus, debasing human dignity and values. Due to these prevailing conditions, we challenged for a commitment to personal and social transformation based on the teaching of Christ.

In response to all these challenges and in solidarity with the Filipino people, Academia De Covina commits herself to be actively involved in establishing a society that is free, just peaceful, and sovereign. Vision

Academia De Covina, Inc. Center for Early Childhood development Academics and Christian Education is committed to promote a nationalist education based on Christ’s teaching and human values founded on LOVE, JUSTICE, PEACE and TRUTH. In the context of the present situation and in response to the needs of the times, it strives to become a critical and active catalyst of change.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 General Statement of the Problem

How to create a Computerized-Enrollment System for Academia De Covina, Inc.? The school enrollment system seems to be slow and take much effort so what if they didn’t want try the computerized-enrollment system to optimize particular problem involving the school.

1.2.2 Specific Statement of the Problem

How to create an Online Admission Form through web for Academia De Covina, Inc.? The team provides a Registration form liked web based system for enrollment. The enrollee can input necessary information and easy getting all the data collected by the School administrator.

How to create a module to handle registration of students?

The software system had a registration form liked inquiry systems for the school which can be manage by the School Administrator to input the data needed from the students.

How to create a module for payments?

The proponents build also a module for the payment transaction of the students. This kind of module can replace the school traditional computation using the software MsExcel. The Accounting staff head pain for the computing much fee would be relieved by this.

How to create a module that will generate the student list?

Upon enrollment, the system can process of entering and verify data of student to register on a school. And through this system, can be sure that all the information will be kept in a database for handling records so that the process can minimize some problems like loss of records.

How to create a module for file maintenance?

Another ability of the software system is the file maintenance or record manipulation of the student records. It also views a single record by just searching or filtering doesn’t need to go through on the storage of files of student to find this.

How to create a security access of program using number combination?

To avoid the access of unauthorized person not involving the school entities, the team assures that the team management or the employee only knows how to operate the program.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.3.1 General Objectives

To create a Computerized-Enrollment System for Academia De Covina, Inc. The team established a software-based system which to manage student records in any transaction. It relieves the user and staff management of the school head from the pain stacking task of going through bulky storage of files of students to find a single record.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives


To create an Online Admission Form through web for Academia De Covina, Inc.

The team acquired a Registration Form in the web which the enrollee has an opportunity to register outside the school they didn’t to fall in line for the registration transaction of the school. All new enrollees are required to pass the requirements; it must be pass at designated school in-order the student update their record.


To create a module to handle registration of students.

The process of registration would be less of workload because it doesn’t require papers to get the needed data from the students; by just simply inputting all the necessary data of current or new student of the school, it would be registered and certified.


To create a module for payments.

The proponents ensure that this payment module is to reduce the error and to manage correctly the billing of each student in the school. By this module the process of computation would be quick in time-processing and all the tuition and balances of the student is auto-updated. It also displays the student invoice and official receipt when the student is already paid. There are fixed price for the tuition and other miscellaneous fee and when the Accounting staff needs to update this entire price; she may proceed to the change/update fee.


To create a module that will generate the student list.

For the reliable handling of the student master list, the proponents include a single software database for fast and easy to get student records by just simply filtering and searching data from the student. It also provides opportunity for the staff and teachers to store their student records and all the information in a transaction will be save through the database that can be viewed and edited anytime.

To create a module for file maintenance.

The program has ability to manipulate data of student records. We can view,
add new enrollee, delete old students and update.

To create a security access of program using number combination.

The team decides to add new feature security to access the program. Once the program start loading, the image of school will be pop-up need to find the secret picture and if the users find this secret picture, the program is now accessible to anyone of the employee.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The computerized enrollment system is the must have system in the school which gives efficient approach for both managements and the students. The Users of the program performed a back-up record in the software system regularly to avoid losing any information. The computerized enrollment system designed to store data coming from the students every time the transaction happens. It can use by accounting and admin department because it is connected on a server in a one database. The Online Registration System Site that the team plans to make is like simple registration form needed to input and to get all the data from new or old students.

1.5 Scopes and Limitations

The Desktop Computer or Laptop is the one of the useful equipment for the software system. The computer is a machine instructed and operated only by human. There is an advantage and disadvantage of using the said system.

1.5.1 Scopes

Computerized-Enrollment System


Log-In Module

Log-in module will enable the user access their concern works for the safety management of records and confidentially purposes.

Log-in Attempt

It limits the login during the trying to access of the account. After the program iterated 3 times if the needed password didn’t match given to the employee, this program temporarily block inability to access the program.

Database Features

Student Identification System

The Student may be identified by its unique number given by this system. The ID number is a more useful data can be attached in the student information because it can call easily coming from the database to view their personal information.

Recycle Bin Module

The program had ability to restore any records which deleted without confirmation. It helps the School Administrator manage without misplacing records.

Other features

Printable Print-Outs

The program can print sample papers
Into hardcopy which the program display the fixed print-outs (Official Receipts, Documents Forms and other Reports) if they didn’t want to edit in other software. One of the features added from the software “Visual Basic.Net”.

1.5.2 Limitations

Computerized-Enrollment System

Power Generated System
It is a computer based so we can’t manipulate or view the student records if the Computer not existed.

Student Grades System

The proposed program is for enrollment transaction only and not for the student grades system since they have software used to generate the grades, the Microsoft Excel 2007.

Online Payments via Credit Card

The team can’t make program to convert credit card into cash so the payment transaction is to be process inside the school.

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