Enrollment System Chapter 2

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This chapter provides the related literature and studies significant to the proposed system. This chapter also includes the theoretical framework of the existing system and the conceptual framework of the proposed system. Related Literature Computerization of every process reduces human errors and processing time, it can also boost up productivity. “Computers are the best means for storage and management of data, they can serve as huge knowledge bases and can be harnessed for all sorts of financial transactions owing to their processing power and storage capacities.

As computers are a daily utility, they have gained immense importance in day-to-day life. ”In the conducted study of Charlene G. Bulao et. al in their undergraduate feasibility study entitled “A Proposed Computerized Enrollment System for Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela”, the case study stated that the school’s enrollment process are time consuming, redundant student records, and has a slow retrieval of student records. Similar with the stated problem of manual enrollment system at Canumay National High School the only difference is that Pamantasn ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (PLV) equires payment for the tuition fee.

Both of the study aim to develop a system that will reduce the redundancy of students information, reduce the consumed time in enrollment process, and a fast retrieval of students records. The proposed study by Gretchen S. Bation et. al (March 2011) in their undergraduate thesis study entitled “LAN-Based Enrollment System for San Diego Parochial School”, they aim to develop a system that is secured and organized through the use of log-in form in order to avoid unauthorized access in the system.

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A system that will automatically section the student, a system that will provide a convenient way to retrieve, update, and manage students records using computerized database, and a system that will automatically compute the payment of tuition fee and balances of the student. The study is also similar to the proposed study by the proponents, the only difference is the system for San Diego Parochial School has a computation for the payment of tuition fee similar with the PLV.

In the study conducted by Viroel Marcelo et. l (March 2003) in their undergraduate feasibility study entitled “Enrollment System of San Francisco High School”, the main objective of their study is to help the technology of the school in terms of enrollment, a computerized enrollment system that will provide all students and faculty member a accurate, faster, more efficient and convenient to the enrollment process of the institution. Similar with the study, the system proposed by the proponents also intends to introduce something new with the enrollment process that will benefit both students and faculty members.

San Francisco High School and Canumay National High School is both a public school, both of the system is not require to compute for the payment of tuition fee. Foreign. Theoretical Framework of the Study Figure 4 Theoretical Framework of the Existing Enrollment System of Canumay National High School The paradigm shows the existing system that highlights the disadvantage of a manual enrollment system. In the existing system, students commonly filled-up the enrollment form asking for their personal information accompanied by their report card last school year.

Faculty members will compile all the files submitted by the enrollees. During the vacation period, teachers will now separate the student by their average grade and look for the student’s files in their cabinets. After the separation of sections the teacher will write the list of students enrolled per section in their columnar, enrollees will know the appropriate section upon the start of classes.

The paradigm shows the proposed system that highlights the advantage of a computerized enrollment system. In the proposed system, all the important information of every enrollee will be filled –up in a form and to be save in the system for easy retrieval for the next enrollment season together with their report card. The inputted grades will be computed by the system and will automatically choose the appropriate section of the enrolled student. The system will now produce the printed schedule of the students and it can also produce the printed copy of all the enrolled students per section.

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