Role Of The Internet In Providing The Technical Environment

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1.  Explain the role of the Internet in providing the technical environment for businesses who manufacture new technologies and the advantages of it. Support your answers with real examples (at least three examples).

The modern world of technological advancement is associated with a number of improvements especially in business transactions. The use of information and communication technology as a tool of doing business incorporates the purpose of internet. A major advancement in technological advancement is the internet which has led to integration of business transactions across regions. Internet plays a very important role in creating technical environment for organizations that manufacture new technologies (Andrea, Andrew, Michael, 2003). The global interconnection of computer network through a protocol known as internet has an integrating force. The internet connects communication technology and computing to provide information necessary for business.

Key roles of internet include research, sale of products and communication of a company’s message to consumers. Businesses that manufacture new technologies conduct research via internet to acquire relevant information about their services. Example of research engines includes Linux,, and Mozilla Firefox used to provide information relating to business. Another role of internet is enhancement of personalized marketing that allows businesses manufacturing new technologies to market their products to specific people. Examples include My Space, Face Book, Orkut, Twitter and friendster. Communication about new technologies manufactured by businesses through advertisement is another role of the internet (Andrea, Andrew, Michael, 2003).

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The use of internet has certain advantages which include first; it is efficient due to low costs making it easily accessible to acquire relevant business information. Second, internet allows businesses manufacturing new technologies to do business fast. A third advantage of internet is that it provides businesses with the capacity to gather opinions about their products from end users and other professionals. Fourth, internet provides businesses manufacturing new technologies with the capacity of trying out new ideas necessary for improving performance of the business.

2. During this course (BA545 Emerging Technologies) we discussed Pull and Push technologies. Provide three examples of each, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Pull and Push technologies.

Pull technologies requires the user of internet services to actively research and retrieve information necessary for research or any other stipulated purpose. The pull technology is a network communication style whereby request for data is initiated by the client and response provided by the server. Examples include the web, library and Usenet newsgroups. Advantages of pull technologies include acquisition of first hand information, encourages research and it is easy to use. On the other hand, disadvantages include high costs for conducting research, requires thorough training and failure to handle adequate bandwidth.

Push technology on the other hand is an internet based communication style whereby request for information or any other internet service is initiated by the central server. It is based on information preferences which are expressed in advance. Examples include email, television and radio as they deliver information to the user. An advantage of push technologies includes ease of use as minimal effort is required by the recipient to receive information. The ease of use feature has made email a more preferable web site than any other internet applications. On the other hand a major draw back of push technologies is rapid exposure to technological problems, power failures and virus infections.

3.  You are a systems technologist working in a big Fortune 500 company. Advancement in technological development in the field of business is one of the most critical aspects of the market. Computers have changed the way of doing business from manual operations to electronic trading called e-commerce. This is one of the best achievements in the current trends of technology which has led to improvement in business performance. A close look of electronic commerce gives an overview of how technology has led to integration of markets.

The use of internet which connects computers through application of protocols helps traders from different geographical locations to carry on business without movement. Through the aspect of globalization, current technological trends have made the exchange of goods and services to be easy and effective. Technology has made it easy for organizations to advertise their products through the internet hence capturing global markets (Andrea, Andrew, Michael, 2003). This has led to an increase in volumes traded hence leading to high profitability. Sales are made online through the help of technology and this helps to cut down some costs and saves time.

A company using e-commerce has to ensure that it has up-to-speed systems in the aspect of databases, network security and payment methods. Databases are essentials in a company that uses technology to carry on with its operations. The company is supposed to ensure that its systems are efficient to avoid losses and satisfy customer needs. A company using technology is supposed to frequently check on its systems for any technological problems. This helps to maintain efficient and up to speed system which helps to avoid wastage of resources and time.

Online payment of goods and services is one of the most critical aspects enhanced by technology that needs high speed systems. This can be enhanced through the use of wire transfer which ensures that money is received on time. Doing business transactions online require adoption of strong security measures that prevents loss of information and other resources such as money. The use of passwords to access accounts is a major security measure that can be used by organizations. Encryption of information is another important network security consideration.  This helps to deal with hackers as they are protected from accessing accounts of the company and other important business information.

4.      You are an Information Systems educator, and you have been asked to write an article about emerging technologies and how important it is to be prepared to adapt to new technologies (on-time), and the efforts and expenses businesses are likely to spend. Include at least four examples of emerging technologies.

The development of technology in the modern world has led to emergence of certain technologies applied in certain aspects of life. This has drastically changed the way of life in positive and negative aspects. Nearly every activity in organizations, government offices, institutions, homes, health centers and hospitality industry is carried through the use of information systems. Some key emerging technologies include communication, transportation, bioinformatics and entertainment (Andrea, Andrew, Michael, 2003). These key areas of development have been enhanced by application of information technology systems.

In communication, technology has made it possible for individuals to pass information across long distances within a short period of time. This includes the use of mobile phones, electronic mails, fax and social networks such as Face book. The mode of communication has completely changed due to technological advancements. Transportation technology is another key development that has made movement of goods and people to be more easy and cheap. Developments in air space and road transport systems as a result of technology have made transportation more cheap and easy. Bioinformatics includes the aspects of genetic engineering and photosynthesis which has led to increased level of production. The entertainment sector has changed since the development of information systems.

The use of televisions, radio, computers and other electronic gadgets have led to a change in entertainment field. The changes resulting from technological advancement calls for proper arrangement by individuals within the key sectors affected. It is important to be prepared about the changes so as to avoid making losses and face the challenges associated with new inventions.  Businesses have to take appropriate measures on time such as communicating to customers about the changes to avoid embarrassment (Andrea, Andrew, Michael, 2003). Embracing new technologies by businesses results to creation of more expenses such as training, purchase, maintenance, installation and inconvenience costs. Business owners have to be prepared to deal with such costs for better performance of organizations.


Andrea, P., Andrew, D. & Michael, H. (2003). The Business of Systems Integration. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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