Practice Developing an EFE Matrix for Walt Disney Company

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Developing an EFE Matrix for Walt Disney Company


This exercise will give you practice developing an EFE matrix . An EFE matrix summarizes the result of an external audit . This is an important tool widely used by strategists .

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Step 1

Join with other two students in class , and jointly prepare an EFE Matrix for Walt Disney Company . Refer back to the cohesion case and to Experiential Exercise 1A . If necessary , to identify external opportunities and threats .

Step 2

All three-person team participating in this exercise should record their EFE total weighted scores on the board . Put your initials after your score to identify it as your team’s

Step 3

Compare the total weighted scores. Which team’s score came closest to the instructor’s answer discuss reasons for variation in the scores reported on the board. More colleges and universities are embarking upon the strategic-management process . Institutions are consciously and systematically identifying and evaluating external opportunities and threats facing higher education in your state , the nation , and the world .


Step 1

Join with two other individuals in class and jointly prepare an EFE Matrix for your institution.

Step 2

Go to the board and record your total weighted score in a column that includes the scores of all three person-teams participating . Put your initials after your score to identify it as your team’s.

Step 3

Which team viewed your college’s strategies most positively ? Which team viewed your college’s most negatively ? Discuss the nature of the differences .


  • Move into different segments
  • Proper inventory management
  • Market development in untapped countries.
  • Reduction in operating costs.
  • Disney music channel     Benchmarking to improve management practices.
  • Disney school of management and training
  • Online Websites
  • Develop more attractions for theme park.


  • Security Threats due to terrorism
  • Employee retention
  • High competition in Media Industry.
  • Facing fierce competition from Paramount Parks, Universal Studios and Six Flags Theme Parks.
  • Social and ethnic groups.
  • Government policies
  • High demanding market in terms of innovation.
  • Increasing salaries and labor cost.
  • Maintain product differentiation.
  • Tight competition in national and international markets.
  • Searching, paying and retaining innovative people.
  • Piracy Recent changes in U. S. , global, or regional economic conditions could have a continuing adverse effect on the profitability of some or all of our businesses. Changes in public and consumer tastes and preferences for entertainment and consumer products could reduce demand for our entertainment offerings and products and adversely affect the profitability of any of our businesses.

Changes in technology and in consumer consumption patterns may affect demand for our entertainment products or the cost of producing or distributing products. The success of our businesses is highly dependent on the existence and maintenance of intellectual property rights in the entertainment products and services we create. A variety of uncontrollable events may reduce demand for our products and services, impair our ability to provide our products and services or increase the cost of providing our products and services.

Increased competitive pressures may reduce our revenues or increase our costs. Sustained increases in costs of pension and postretirement medical and other employee health and welfare benefits may reduce our profitability. Our results may be adversely affected if long-term programming or carriage contracts are not renewed on sufficiently favorable terms. Changes in regulations applicable to our businesses may impair the profitability of our businesses. Labor disputes may disrupt our operations and adversely affect the profitability of any of our businesses.

Provisions in our corporate documents and Delaware state law could delay or prevent a change of control, even if that change would be beneficial to shareholders. The seasonality of certain of our businesses could exacerbate negative impacts on our operations. The Company’s acquisition of Marvel is expected to cause short term dilution in earnings per share and there can be no assurance that anticipated improvements in earnings per share will be realized.

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