Walt Disney Company in the 21st Century

Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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Any organization in its attempt to survive through decades of challenges and fall has to equip itself of necessary methodology and approaches to management in order to survive the course of change brought by time. In the world of entertainment, the Walt Disney Company is proven as one of the world’s best companies that sustained many setbacks and sustain transformation in order to meet the demand of the industry. Just like other organizations, Walt Disney Company continues to innovate and revolutionize itself in order to meet the customers’ need and demand globally.

It also upholds effective approaches to management through observance of organizational behavior concepts shaped by the company’s value which made it one of the best in the world. The latest report in terms of income held last year, July 2006, Disney has gained increase in its revenue by 12%. The President and CEO of Walt Disney Company, Mr. Robert Iger, explained the basis of their company’s revenue. According to him, “Disney’s strong third quarter financial results demonstrate the company’s unique ability to leverage great content across our many businesses.

” This success of Disney is attributed to many factors specifically in the management scheme that has undergone transformation for many years; however the culture is maintained to preserve its values and vision. In all aspects, Disney integrated effective concepts in their management style to help those targeted organizational goals with proven success all the while. This company is remarkably integrated some organizational behaviors which will be carefully studied and examined to analyze the factors in their success, specifically in the aspect of motivation, organizational culture and communication concept.

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Disney’s Motivation Scheme The Disney Company holds both internal and external motivation which they always carry out during the course of their existence for without motivation, their company will not be that competitive globally. In terms of external motivation, they embrace power and control over entertainment market; Disney is struggling hard to continuously change the world of animation to make them always ahead of the others.

As Brinkoetter said, “The Disney approach is to pay attention to details and strive to exceed guest expectation” (work cited by Harnett) and for this reason, he said that about 65% of their business is “a repeat business;” retention of their clients is very important for Disney. The company’s marketing strategy is “is providing exactly what Americans want to believe about themselves and making a fortune in the offing” according to Fjellman (work cited in Mouse or multinational). What this man wanted to explain is that, Disney is giving American people a crafted narration and making them believes it although it is contradicting to reality.

He further explained that “they [Disney] have also played on the desires, wants, and fears of the American public in producing a vision of American history that they crave to believe is the truth” (Mouse or Multinational). For this reason, Disney has tightly control the entertainment market despite its fall in 1966 which made the company to grow and learn more how to control the world of animation. To point it out, Charles Solomon in his statement in an article published by Shyong in Daily Bruin, said, “Disney is such a pervasive influence on popular culture today, and one of the driving forces behind the history of animation. ”

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