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Editorial Essay

Deryn 6 June 2012 Should Uniforms be Worn in Schools? In recent years we have been faced with the question; should uniforms be worn in public schools? Some would agree with the idea of students switching out their regular attire for khakis and button-ups. But on the other hand, others, considering me, would like to see this generation flourish and express individuality. I understand that the supporters of this conception would like to see all students as equal beings and to not worry about whose wearing the latest outfit or coolest clothes.

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They believe it will eliminate barriers, social and economic, among schools, which is partially true, considering they all will be dressed alike, so no one will be cast out. However, this will just be another expense to the parents who already fund public schools through taxes. Also, it will make students potential targets for bullies from other schools, only masking the already present school violence. Faculty and school districts will also find it difficult to enforce new dress codes, due to the fact that students will not be used to the new imposed apparel.

Furthermore, students will have no sense of uniqueness because they will all be identical in a manner. They will have no right to freedom of expression because they will be bonded down by the chains of equality. We should not be forced to be the same. We should be encouraged to be different. Maybe if schools would teach kids to be proud of who they are we wouldn’t have to debate over whether or not we should wear school uniforms. We should keep school uniform wearing to a minimal and display distinctiveness in schools nationwide.