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Top Down approach is methodical and more precise compared to Bottom Up approach but is slow and expensive. “Where security needs to be "urgently" improved, it is suggested to use both methods in parallel i. e. use the bottom up approach for important "well known" systems and the top down approach to have a long term, precise policy, strategy and vision on security that is supported and understood by management. ” [5]. The Internet and computer is going to evolve more into our lives and it is up to us how it is used and how it affects our lives and our surroundings.

It has changed our lives drastically bringing in changes in sharing ideas, communication, and most of all entertainment. Today, the minority of the population has more power to manipulate information compared to what they could have ten years back. Our society has changed and learned to cope with Internet in such a way that life without it is impossible. The two major issues concerning computer and Internet are IT security and software crisis. In order to conduct good ethical business which is fast and efficient, IT security must be improved.

A software package installed on a server operating system that acts like a full fledged firewall is called a software-based firewall. As a firewall, it helps to protect applications such as web application and email servers by using complex filters. For example, Check Point Integrity SecureClient [2] with a price of $1,569. 59 is suitable for the main site because it provides advanced remote access connectivity, endpoint protection, and network access policy enforcement and Check Point FireWall-1 GX [4] which cost $73,520.63 is also appropriate for FTD main site.

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A hardware firewall is a hardware device which includes network routers with additional firewall capabilities that are designed to manage large amounts of network traffic. Hardware firewalls are used in combination with software firewalls where hardware firewall filters out the traffic and the software firewall examines the network traffic.

For example, Nokia IP1220 Security Platform [1] which delivers long-term high performance perimeter security is perfectly feasible for the main site with a price rate of about $16,901.55 and Check Point UTM-1 MODEL 450 [3] which cost $5,613. 26 and also can be very useful for FTD main site. Electronic Commerce (E-Com) is commerce on the internet which maintains from distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing of products or services. E-com involves electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, e-marketing, online marketing, online transaction processing, etc using electronic communication such as the Internet.

FTD Enterprises is a chemical company that produces small quantities of rare and expensive specialty chemicals and use of internet and selling these chemicals can expand the business of FTD. The main model that can be used by FTD is Web Catalog Revenue Model where the customer picks a product for purchase from an on-line web catalog provided by FTD. The customer then pays using credit card or other online payment system such as PayPel.

Once the payment is confirmed the time and a tracking system will be available for the customer to keep track of the products delivery or the services provided by FTD. FTD also uses Fee-for-Service Revenue Models where revenue is collected on the value of the service provided by FTD to the customers. FTD marketing orientation examines the needs of the customers and the detail of particular products is considered by the customers by giving attention to their needs and wishes. Marketing decision is made upon the variables that directly or indirectly control the demand of FTD products.

Today, Internet is a good way of doing business and use of internet is constantly increasing. Use of World Wide Web is good because it helps to communicate globally and deliver products to customers who can not purchase the products. E-commerce can help FTD to be in twenty-four hour operation all over the world. It can also help to increases advertising and by providing one to one marketing. E-commerce is a very easy way of gathering information form its customers or potential customers.

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