Enterprise-Level Strategic Uses of Technology At Baderman Islands

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The advent of information technology and other technological products has lead to a more competitive market environment for different organization. In this regard, more and more companies and institutions are trying to invest on innovative and technology-specific products, and Baderman Islands is never an exemption. Accordingly, technological innovation for products and servers is known as integrated principle of technology and development to be able to meet current demands of the target market. In various ways, technological innovation is said to have specific use in enterprise-level of an organisation.

The alignment of technology with the business strategy of the company is important. Primarily, the main goal of this paper is to determine the enterprise-level strategic use of technology at Baderman Islands. Overview of Baderman Islands Baderman Island is known as an independent, all inclusive resort destination with various features from hotels, restaurants, convention centre and other leisure activities that a tourist is looking for. It is an island resort community with vast essentialities to give innovative services to sustain their competitive advantage.

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The management of the company aims on providing quality tourisms services for their target market. In doing so, the company is pursuing technological innovations to be more distinctive and add to the entire experience of their target market. Enterprise-Level Strategic Use of Technology In order to sustain competitive position in the marketplace, the company has adapted technological innovation which specifically focuses on the Dolphin Boat by Innerspace Technology. The alignment of this technology has enterprise-strategic use for Baderman Island’ includes the following.

The first strategic use of this technology is to meet and satisfy customer demands. Since tourists in this generation are seeking for an island retreat which provides business, leisure and other escapades and extraordinary experiences, the company considers technological alignment to provide the needs of the customer for an island-getaway. This technological innovation can help the company to provide distinctive and effective service provision. It is said that the successful and effective alignment of the company’ management, staff and technology, is important for attaining customer satisfaction.

Such alignment begins with the purposeful alignments of the company’s operations employed by Baderman Island’s management (Johnston & Clarke, 2001). Another enterprise-level strategic use of technology with Baderman Islands is with regards to the enhancement of the management system of the company. By considering technologically innovated products such that of the Dolphin Boat, the company will be able to enhanced their differentiation strategy, and business strategy of the company which include the management skills and resources.

In addition, the company will be able to improve their creative flair, product engineering, strong marketing abilities and strong capability in basic research. Furthermore, as part of the enhancement of management system of the company through the alignment of technology, their corporate reputation is also improving to attract more tourists in choosing their tourism services among other competitors (Nickols 2000). Such mentioned skills and capabilities brought by the alignment of technology and business strategy are very important for the company to retain or attract internal and external stakeholders.

In addition, strategic alignment of technology and business strategy is associated with the satisfaction of the customers in a way that providing unique services mostly satisfy tourists or clients (Duffy & Ketchand, 2002). Another important enterprise-level strategic use of aligning technological innovation in Baderman is with regards to the improvement and of the service quality of their tourism services. The use of new technology can be able to guide the company towards the expansion strategy of the company.

Accordingly, the central attribute of technological innovation, specifically for the products and services provides by organizations like Baderman Island, is the interaction between the marketing management and the company itself. Things like labour intensiveness, high consumer contact are some of the mitigating features of the alignment of technological expansion and service quality alignment. Hence, technological innovation can provide sensual benefit for the company (Watt, 2007). Part of the business approach of the tourism service industries is their adherence to the context of service quality.

Consequently, the context of service quality is considered as the outcome of the strategic alignment of new and technologically improved products and services and service delivery system (Ghobadian, Speller & Jones, 1994), specifically in the case of service industries like Baderman Island. By and large, the underlying principle of business strategy and technological alignment aims to determine and provide the needs of the clients. Through this alignment, the company has been able to have a unifying theme which aligns their service provision, marketing strategy and management system to satisfy stakeholders.

The alignment of the technology and business strategy has different enterprise-level strategic uses to sustain competitive advantage of the organization. It is said that the alignment of these aspects should see to it that the company would be consistent in providing high quality among their tourist clients. Reference Duffy, JA & Ketchund, AA 2002, “Examining the Role of Service Quality in Overall Service Satisfaction”, Journal of Managerial Issues, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 240+. Ghobadian, A, Speller, S. and Jones, M. (1994). Service Quality: Concepts and Models.

International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 11(9): 43-66. Johnston, R. & Clark, G. (2001). Service Operation Management. 1st Edition. London: Prentice Hall. Nickols, F 2000, Distance Consulting, viewed October 11, 2008 <http://home. att. net/~nickols/competitive_strategy_basics. htm>. Watt, P. (2007) “I Need People that are Happy, Always Smiling: Guest Interaction and Emotional Labour in a Canadian Downtown Hotel” Just Labour, Vol 10, Spring: 45-59 (http://www. justlabour. yorku. ca/volume10/pdfs/04WattPress. pdf) retrieve October 11, 2008 .

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