Do Superior Leaders Have Any Minimum Natural Born Traits?

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It is a reality that quite a few people own inherited superior minimum natural born traits which provides them a ruling influence over their equals, and marks them out distinctly for leadership. This phenomenon is evident in all associations of human beings, in all assortments of conditions and on all levels of culture. Leadership is a figure of inherited superior minimum natural born traits. In other words, one is either born with it or not. The born leader will come out logically as the leader for the reason that one has inborn traits which provide one that certain and unquestioned label. Such a leader could most probably lead in all states of affairs. (Avolio, 2005)

It is found heredity plays a vital role in certain behavioral features like bashfulness, intellect, ascendancy, social existence and aggression. Decisive part of leadership is truly elements of the personality. One either has charismatic personality or one doesn't. One was born with adore for hard work or one is lethargic. One has self-assurance or one has self-loathing. One is instinctive, with loads of common sense, or one is impetuous. And most prominently, one is sincere with oneself and can see where one’s mistakes lie.

According to William Shakespeare "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." (, 2006) Shakespeare’s statement clearly supports my point of view that superior leaders have some minimum natural born traits.  Aristotle supports the view that “some men are born to lead, and others to be led.” (The Great Person ; Trait Theories of Leadership, 2006)

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In conclusion, there are certainly, born leaders with some minimum natural born traits. Still born leaders have to effort at their leadership abilities. It is not something one turns up at and that is it, one is there, a leader.


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