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Diet and Nutrition

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Overweight and obesity are among the most topical health related problems of our modern society. They are primarily associated with high risk for many terrible diseases, including heart attack, diabetes, etc. Recently, overwhelming majority of women and increasing amount of men are forced to pay serious attention on the meals they eat, to count the calories or to keep to some diet. There is a great deal of information about dieting and following healthy nutrition-style available in contemporary mass media.

There are special TV and radio programs, in which medical doctors or other specialists speculate about different diets and give valuable pieces of advice. It is possible to find special magazines and other editions, presenting one or another type of diets or weigh-loss programs for the general audience. Finally, there is abundance of Internet sites, dedicated to the problems of obesity and overweight.

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As a rule, the most of the recommendations, connected with dieting and putting off weight, are quite individual and must be specifically given for any particular person, taking into consideration his/her health and psychological conditions, present life-style, marital status and so on. But there are some common points and tips, which can be suggested to anyone, who is thinking about starting a new healthy nutrition and life-style. Speaking about diet, first of all, it is necessary to reduce the amount of highly caloric meals in daily ration. Primarily, those are baked and fried foods.

Many diet specialists suggest total refusal of eating all sorts of bread and bakery, made from white refined wheat powder. At the same time, it is necessary to include some small amounts of household bread or graham crackers, because bread has some important rare nutrients, essential for human organism. Also, any type of fried food is considered to be dangerous and caloric. Fried and fatty meals are direct contribution into fat deposits, which are drastically increasing weigh of the body. The same can be said about sweet foods, especially sugar and its products.

These foodstuffs are rich with glucose, which is a perfect source of energy, but, at the same time, can be easily conversed to fat. That is why one of the easiest and most common recommendations for fatty people is to lover the consumption of sugar, sweets and chocolate. Second important suggestion is decreasing the amount of junk food. Contemporary life is making us very busy and tired of our problems, children, offices, schools and all the things. That is why it is a good solution in many situations to use ready meals in fast food restaurants, or to prepare ready-to-cook products.

At the same time, our favorite pizza, Big Mac or Whopper are simply caloric bombs. They are usually prepared on extremely dangerous fats or oils and have a lot of fat-containing ingredients, like cheese, sausages, etc. The third tip on improving nutritional habits is to avoid overeating and eating late at night. Dietologists suggest eating three-four times a day, serving a number of different meals in small portions. If hunger appears before the scheduled meal-time, some light yogurt, piece of fruit or tomato juice can be the best solution for handling it.

Also, it is better to have dinner at least in two-three hours before going to bed. Certainly, not everything is based on correct nutrition and healthy food consumption in the program on putting off weight. Such activities like doing REGULAR physical exercises, being always moving and dynamic during the day, spending a lot of time outdoors and preferring active rest, are milestone points for people with extra weight. Besides, such spiritual practices, like yoga, proved to be very effective and supportive for those, who are trying to decrease own weight.

If a woman is 5’4″ tall and has 158 pounds of weight, she can find out (using some Internet resources or special comparative tables) that she is quite overweight, but, fortunately, not obese. That is why she does not need to keep to a strict exhausting diet, but some urgent steps must be done in order to put off her extra pounds. To do so, she needs to make some changes in her nutritional habits and establish some new rules of maintaining healthy life-style. To start with, she can adopt above mentioned recommendations, trying to lower the amount of fat and sugar in her daily meals and avoiding eating late at night.

It would be necessary to learn cooking healthy meals, using as much as possible vegetables, cereals, fruit, meat, fish and other natural products. It would be healthy for all the family to give up eating macaroni or fried potatoes and enjoy delicious boiled or stewed foods, which are much more healthy and useful. Besides, she needs to re-schedule her daily routine and find more time for additional physical activity. For example, dieting can be perfectly supported by regular strolls or jogging.

At the workplace it is better not to sit for long, or (if the work is connected with sitting) to do some frequent refreshing physical exercises. On the way home it is better to walk as much as possible, at least from the further parking place. Of course, it is good to use the opportunity of having active rest on weekends, like going out of the city, hiking, swimming, etc. The most important moment is: healthy nutrition and physical activity have to be regular. This will never work for people, who always put the things off until tomorrow and look for reasons to give up.

Only doing regular exercises and always keeping away from unhealthy meals will work for good. This way, maintaining healthy life-style has to grow into a habit and work for keeping the body in normal weight for long time. That is why, in addition to everything above mentioned, it is also extremely important to get psychologically ready for the hard work on weight-loss plan. It will take enormous efforts to refuse some favorite meals, like cakes, hamburgers or fries; to follow the schedule of having meals; to learn how to cook new dishes; to find some time to do physical exercises or jogging, etc.

It is necessary to remain focused on the goal and be ready to do everything possible to achieve it. Undoubtedly, dieting and following healthy life-style will bring some certain changes into daily activity of the woman. For instance, it may take some more time to cook more healthy meals, or some extra time will be required for doing exercises and outdoors activity. That’s why in the beginning her husband and children may feel lack of her attention; she may have no time for doing something she used to do; she can feel more tired and have lack of rest, etc.

Nevertheless, in three or four months the first results will take place and the first pounds will disappear. By that time, the woman will definitely get into the swing of her new life-style and feel less pressure from the things to be done. Therefore, the first outcomes of her efforts will become clear. She’ll feel lighter and healthier, her self-esteem will rise and her capabilities will increase. This everything will immediately reflect on her family and bring to numerous positive reactions.

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