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Diet Pills and Women

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How would you like to lose 10 pounds in one week? These words ring out through the media, newspapers, magazines, commercials, and many other advertisements that we are inundated in our society today. A model walks down the runway with her collar bones protruding, flat stomach, and protruding pelvic bones. When she weighs in, and is one pound over the expected weight, starves herself, or takes diet pills to shed the excess weight. The same pertains to young females. The desire to be thin at any cost causes physical, mental, and emotional problems. This is a lack of self-worth.

It is easier to swallow a diet pill which involves no will power. Finding a diet that is right for them is not an option. They want a quick fix. Nutritionists and scientists have debated over these issues for years. Scientists have the belief that diet pills will take the weight off not acknowledging where the dangers lye. Whereas nutritionists believe that cutting out the “bad” carbohydrates and eating from the five food groups will help with healthy weight loss as opposed to taking diet pills. Eating “good” carbohydrates will make a difference in one’s weight loss.

Many Doctors readily prescribe diet pills without caring about the dangerous effects they have for the person taking them. Women want to be thin, so the doctor helps them to achieve their goal. This is the mentality of many doctors; it is also for some women. Some diet pills whether prescribed or otherwise can have dangerous side effects. Most women who are desperate to lose weight do not care about the side effects, only about the weight loss. The danger of taking diet pills is that many cause emotional and physical dependence.

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Diet pills can also interfere with one’s metabolism. Diet pills suppress the appetite, which causes one to take in fewer calories. While taking in fewer calories, the metabolism also slows down and causes fat to store in the body. Diet pills are also associated with many health conditions such as: increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness, possibility of seizures and or strokes. Even though, it is suggested to consult your doctor, many women do not care because they are desperate to lose the weight quickly.

Becoming thin is the goal for the women who take the pills, they may not consult their doctor in fear that the doctor may not agree with their decision to take the diet pills. If prescribed diet pills are taken, it can help start a diet along with a healthy eating program, but too many women are not interested in doing this. They prefer to let the diet pill do the work and therefore starving themselves and their bodies. Some people do not have self- discipline to implement an eating program along with the diet pills. For example, Alli is an orilstat which when taken remains in the stomach.

It does not affect the heart. When one eats any foods with fat, the Alli causes 25% of the fat to be eliminated from the body. Alli does not suppress one’s appetite. Some women want a “quick fix” when taking diet pills. However, with Alli the idea is to implement a healthy eating regiment when taking it with each meal. When Alli is taken on an empty stomach, does nothing. It must be taken with meals and is effective in helping with weight loss, as it reduces fat absorption in and requires a cut down on fat intake (around 15 grams).

The only unpleasant side effects are oily discharge, loose stools and an immediate urge to have a bowel movement. This particular diet pill, Alli, is not an at risk diet pill like many of the others. It does not suppress the appetite, nor cause heart palpitations. It may take up to one year to lose the weight desired, where as taking another type of diet pill that appeases the appetite will cause a person to lose five to ten pounds in a week. However, it states that you must take a vitamin in the evening because minerals are depleted from the body. There are many people who have taken diet pills have died.

There is a health risk with diet pills and should always be carefully assessed before taking them. If an individual chooses to take diet pills, doctors suggest following a healthy plan and exercising. In most cases, women, teens and young adults, do not want to take the time, but would rather pop a pill and lose weight quickly, and do not consider the ramifications in their haste. The way we look plays a big role in our lives. It determines the way that others see us and from that, it will determine how we feel about ourselves. The major issue here is our weight.

We constantly see images of sexy women which remains in our minds that this is the way to look in order to be beautiful, and because of this, we subject ourselves to abusing our health and bodies just so we can look like the sexy women the media shows and we hear about constantly. Skinny is beautiful. Or at least this is what is on billboards, in magazines, and television, as most women idealize becoming thin. There are many ways to lose weight, but taking diet pills is less of an effort and more convenient a quick fix. This is what the media tells us, lose weight fast! No need to exercise.

Many people think that diet pills are safe and effective, but the truth is they are not. In many cases people have died for the simple reason of wanting to lose weight fast because diet pills stimulate the nervous system, can be addictive, and can lead to abuse. The Food and Drug Administration issued a proposal that manufacturers of the diet pills include a warning to the customers about the dangers of their use. The doctor that prescribes diet pills for the safety of an individual, who is obese, also makes certain this person follows a program of exercise and healthy eating.

Many doctors who dispense diet pills are careful. But, there are many who have diet clinics where all an individual needs to do is pay a fee and obtain their diet pills without a follow up. The women who are eager to lose weight quickly are in danger of hurting their bodies, especially the young females who do not research and do not care. They are only concerned with being thin and fast weight loss results. With the media screaming to the women, teens, and young adults that the only way to look beautiful is to be thin, will not hinder a woman to lose weight fast, look beautiful at any cost. The cost may result in death.

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