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Outer Space Corporation can be designed in such away that that it will incorporate a number of share holders and stake holders in the company. The main stockholders of the corporation are the owners of the corporation since they manage all the operations of the corporation and they are the main shareholders in that corporation since they are the owners of the corporation. Investors in the corporation can also be part of the stock holder since their investments in the company has contributed to the growth of the corporation.

Investors in any given organization are also part of the owners of the corporation. The stake holders of Outer Space Corporation includes: the workers and managers of the corporation, Dignitaries and customers, members of the corporation and weather fore castors. Workers and managers will contribute greatly to all the operations of the corporation. They are the people who take control of all the operational procedures of the corporation.

Dignitaries and customers plays a vital role since services of the corporation are rendered to them and therefore the operations of the company can be kept going since the corporation has reliable clients to offer their services to. The weather fore castors and space explorers can also be valued as stake holder in this corporation since for outer space corporation to operate they must be aware of the weather changes so that they can operate on favorable climatic condition which would not result to accidents due to poor climatic conditions.

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These stake holders should work hand in hand with each other so that the company’s objectives can be met. For the company to prosper, all of them must ensure that they have played their part accordingly. Members of the corporation are also part of the shake holders of the corporation since they are the sole owners of the corporation. The outer space business is faced with potential risks that touch on workers, investors, customers and people living in the environment.

The most evident risks are the safety risk which involves all the people involved in the corporation. Workers of outer space corporation are faced with a lot of risks such as danger of lacking some of the essential needs in space which they could obtain from earth, they can take long to demand of nature in outer space since the environment is not the same as that of the earth, and also the danger of life failing to sustain them in outer space environment can contribute greatly to the risks that these workers are faced with.

The only risk that investors face is that of fear that the business may fail since many people fear taking trips to the space and therefore the corporation can lack enough clients to sustain them. When business fails, investors end up operating at a loss. Those people who live in the surrounding area can associate the corporation with the risk of intoxifiying the environment due to some of the intoxicants use as fuel in these moving bodies.

They fear that the environment around them will be polluted which will be a health hazard to them. There are a minimum number of liabilities risks that are involved in this corporation. These usually affect the company’s operations. These risks include damage of the transport system that they use in their operations such as shuttles. Accident can occur in most cases due to poor visibility as a result of bad weather in the space. The company also can be faced with technical, market, financial and legal-regulatory risks.

The risk addresses intellectual and physical property which must be protected. The property described here means the right to occupy and develop as long as it is active. The legal obligations under the property without sovereignty require that such rights in the off-earth commerce follow treaty provisions. Net loss is another risk that a company can experience in its operation since not many people prefer to venture into the space in most cases therefore is fear that the corporation can experience total loss.

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