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Daily Mirror, New York Post, Sun, Times, XX Century Fox Films, HarperCollins… – is there anybody, who doesn’t know these names nowadays? But not everybody knows that all of them are the names of great Empire News Corporation, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch.

Total amount of holdings News Corporation for June 2001 was 43 milliard dollars, and annual income of the company was 14 milliard dollars. More then 30.000 employees work in 720 firms, which belong to the company in 52 countries all over the world. Isn’t it impressive? And at the head of all those companies is one person – Rupert Murdoch. How he managed to do it? Cannot we use his “know-how”? Stuart Crainer tries to answer with changing success all these questions.

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When I read this book, the first thing I noticed that I didn’t regret reading it. I found a lot of interesting information, which was written in good literary language. You read the book with bated breath, trying to understand secrets of a giant of media industry. All those things will help you in your future life – not only in business. They explain approach to life – these facts can change you life, they can make an earthquake in the system of your values.

By Crainer’s opinion, although Rupert Murdoch is the head of one of the most successful and influential companies in the world, his style of management was examined rarely. This book is determined to fill this gap to some extent. Not accidentally you can see already in the header promise to show 10 main secrets how to create successful business.

It is biography by genre, and the author seems to claim to the role of “business-biographer” of the mighty of this world. Curious reader certainly will find out details from early life of media giant. You can find in the book chronology of important bargains and business deals, which resulted creation of that which is called now “the Empire of News Corporation”.

But the story about a person by name Rupert Murdoch is not the main for the author. The main milestones of Murdoch’s life are presented in the role of necessary “frame” for business phenomena called “Rupert Murdoch”.

In capacity of background, where the figure of main hero of narration is boldly demonstrated, Crainer skillfully uses different theoretical conceptions, results of examinations, investigations, management models of such recognizable authorities in the field of management as Henry Minzberg, Warren Bernis, Fill Hodgeson, Rendell White, Jay Forester, etc.

When other famous businessmen – for example, Bill Gates – found their popularity by their innovations and ability to choose time for serious business deals; the success of Rupert Murdoch is based on his ability to be a perfect manager. Essence of this quality and main reasons of his career success the author tried to catch by formulating 10 secrets of successful business.

Murdoch is follower of old school of management. In description of professional way of ambitious manager you will not find “motives” which are so popular nowadays, as constant learning, delegation of extreme powers and responsibility. Business is a war, and life, by opinion of businessman, is nothing more nor less than “series of interconnected wars”.

Rupert Murdoch was born in Melbourne (Australia). He was a son of famous Australian military correspondent and publicist Sir Kate Murdoch (1886-1952) (Andrew Walker, p.5). After he graduated from Worchester college (Oxford, 1953) he inherited from his father two newspapers in Adelaide (Australia) – “Sunday Mail” and “The News”. In 1969 he bought his first newspaper in Great Britain – London “News of the World”.

Four years later he bought already two newspapers in the USA: “San Antonio News” (subsequently “Express-News”) and “Texas News”. In 1974 Murdoch finally settles down in New York and continues his business, buying more and more newspapers. From the beginning of 80-s people start to speak about Murdoch as one of biggest media-magnates of the world. After he bought in 1985 studio XX Century Fox Films, his power started to spread over cinema, and later over TV-industry as well.

Nowadays Rupert Murdoch is giant mammoth of Empire The News Corporation Ltd (Woopidoo! Biographies Business Masters, p.1), which consists of three regional colossi – News Ltd (Australia), News International (Great Britain) and News America Holdings Inc. (USA).

Totally News Corporation, which states a value of $30 milliards, consists of approximately 800 companies, from which 52 are quite big. The biggest enterprises: BSkyS, Los Angeles Dodgers, XX Century Fox Film and Star TV (Center for American Progress p.1). Annual income of Rupert Murdoch Empire was approximately $12 milliards during those years.

Rupert Murdoch is really prominent figure. By opinion of the author Stuart Crainer, co-founder of consulting company Suntop Media, in civil social conscience rules such a vicious image of Murdoch that nobody would like to share the same room with such a person.

Society remembers that already at the beginning of his career magnate didn’t disdain to use such means as to publish in once serious issues erotic and scandal materials; he fired his own workers without any compunction; in other words, he used everything, which in his opinion, in any way could assist in development of media giant (, p.1).

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