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Depletion of Resources

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Depletion of Resource Nowadays, world population is increasing , this will affect the depletion of our natural resource. Large population increases in the developing world will strain resources and agricultural productivity (Eicher,2008) . For Instance , as populations grow, it may be necessary to convert additional land for agriculture housing development, and infrastructure. However, we need more products for our daily basic needs or extra needs for the upper class people .

When high consumption and wastage of goods continues, natural resources in less developed countries will be exploited to keep the supply coming. Likewise, Australia build the Lynas in Malaysia . They build factory on our land. Furthermore, In order to produce sufficient goods for people ,more factory is needed . Therefore, Human begin to deforestation . According to data provided by the Malaysian Forestry Department(2007),Malaysia has an average annual deforestation rate of 0. 35 %.

In total, between 1990 and 2005 , Malaysia lost 6. 6% of its forest cover, or around 1,486,000 hectares. As a example, Deforestation will reduce our natural resource like rubber, oxygen and others . When the deforestation activity occur , it will destruct the natural habitat of wild animals. According to the United Nation Environmental Program assessment (2011), orangutans will be virtually eliminated in the wild within two decades if poaching and illegal trading of the animal or its parts continue.

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Deforestation might be a main factor extinction of orangutans . Every human need a home ,and animal need it too. On the other hand, Habitat of Orang Asli will be affected too. The author of the book The Threatened Orang Asli (2009) stated that with increasing negative impacts of globalization on their natural environment and resource, indigenous people are finding it harder to defend their land where the resources have been taken without consent.

Deforestation has destructed the natural environment and resources of Orang Asli . In a nutshell , depletion of resource need to be avoided . In my opinion, Government have to find the way solving the problem. For example, encourage people to have more agriculture. Resources is one of the main requirement to developing advance country . Human beings are going to be relying on natural resources for a long time -Gale Norton .

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