Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

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How the video was a good example of a persuasive speech? The video was a good example of a persuasive essay because of its overall structure from attention-getter and visual aid to the conclusion and performance. The speaker began to start his persuasive speech talking about global warming and what we the listener can do to prevent and lower down the devastating effects of Global Warming. The speaker allowed us to know what type of speech is he exactly giving information about and told us a personal story into his life to keep the listeners engage.

The speaker gave much information of his speech and the effects on Global Warming to today. He pursues the listeners to stand up and do something about it by including the lives of mankind into the equation of global warming saying that things would only get worst if we do not act now. The speaker had great use of visual aid, which supported his entire speech and kept the listeners engaged by showing examples and slides that helped pictured out everything for the audience instead of the listener running off with their imagery of which the speaker was talking about.

He also used video clips in helping getting his points across. The speaker showed examples of the speech and Global Warming meaning and Activity such as the ultra-violet rays and the ozone layer be these such example showed in speech. He used graph to show us exactly how long Global Warming has been affecting us and it's rate in growth. The visual aid was very useful to his persuasive speech and his performance of pursuing the audience to act.

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In the movie small clips had come up as the speech had progress turning out to be his attention-getter and the reason why he had chose to talk about this speech. For his attention-getter he mentioned that his son was playing on the playground and a car spiral out of control resulting in an accident. His son was on life support in the hospital. With that tragic attention-getter he managed to get his audience engaged in his speech.

When he started progressing through his speech the small clips would pop up again being stated as his source and research into his own dedication of the speech. In the movie the speaker brings up three main-points in his speech, these main-points are: what is global warming, global warming affects, & who’s doing what about global warming. The main points are placed well in his speech as oppose to the information being scattered. He used a great deal of information and he even involved his self into getting the information he needed by traveling where needed to back up is thesis. For example, he traveled to where the affects of global warming had taken place. He had said from his speech Japan had worst tsunamis now than they did in the past decade, in fact tsunamis constantly appeared in Japan. The structure and source the speaker used to back up his speech was overall amazing and very useful in creating a persuasive speech of my own. The speaker uses of his own knowledge of global warming was very helpful and believe this is the best persuasive speech I have heard.

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