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Data Based Question

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During the eighteenth century in Manchester, life was inhospitable, sullen, and difficult. Bodily and factory waste was strewn upon the streets, children were working In dangerous conditions, and factories overcrowded Manchester. Due to all the toxic fumes and disgusting street waste, people were getting sick. Families had to have their children go to work instead of school because money was hard to come by. Due to the increase in population in Manchester during the eighteenth century, many issues such as environmental health, wealth, and a population boom occurred in the social and political environments.

She describes how magnificent things came out of hard, torturous labor. This document shows how awful the industrial revolution was at the time, but how ultimately, great things came out of it. Over time, working conditions improved in the Industrial Revolution. (William Abram, journal article,10) "The condition of the factory laborers has been vastly improved within the last quarter of a century... Reduced to ten hours a day... Wages-thanks mainly to accelerated machinery and improved working conditions-have largely increased...

Sickness and mortality have been reduced to an extent that is almost incredible. " This document shows the different points of views from different journalists. In the previous documents depicted, the Journalists have written about how awful life was in the Industrial Revolution, however this Journalist wrote from a positive point of view; unbiased. This document expresses the idea that positive things eventually emerged from the dark despair of the Industrial Revolution. Due to the Industrial Revolution, a population boom occurred. W. H. Thomas, History of Manchester,l) The first map shows about one sixth of Manchester under development. The second shows Just about all of Manchester covered in areas of development, railroads, and canals. This relates to my thesis by showing how the growth of laboring factories affected Manchester in the eighteenth century. " Manchester, the Workshop of the World... Seat of commerce and manufacture, which it has recently attained and for which it is distinguished beyond any other town in the British Dominions or indeed the world. (Whelan and Co. , document 9) This comment is relevant to my thesis because it states how the "Workshop of the World" boomed and excelled because of the population and growth of industries in Due to the increase of population in Manchester during the eighteenth century, many reactions such as environmental health, wealth, and a population boom occurred in the social and political environments, but ultimately the industrial revolution lead to many great things for the world that changed history forever.

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Data Based Question

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The Industrial Revolution is significant to our history because it lead to many new improvements for the world even though negative things such as poor health, child contemplated the idea of unifying the states. Due to the past wars and issues, the nations of Europe dealt with great conflict among one another regarding communism, trading, and alliance with distant countries. The people and countries of Europe were battered and broken from the war and great caution was taken among them all in fear of more strife and damage. Some nations were in favor of unity and others were opposed to the idea of unifying the nations of Europe.

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