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To attain this status, certain standards of excellence must be achieved by the dealerships. Some of the standards are company culture, enlightened leadership, and care of people. In addition, the growth and opportunities for advancement, compensation, as well as, the benefits of the company have also been included in the criteria. All dealership positions and its staffing are focused by the AutoPersonnel. com. The recruiting needs of the dealership is handled and fulfilled by a recruiter, who is placed in the participating dealer's store. A professional recruiter is offered by the Howell.

Employee staffing and retention training has been taken by this recruiter, and the dealership’s local market is familiarize with the person. In addition, qualified people can be attracted, screened, and hired for vacant positions exclusively by the offered recruiter. However, it has been observed that gut instinct and other unquantifiable traits are preferred for the hiring process by the hurried managers. It has been noted by the Howell that employees are given the opportunities to work without the afraid of any recruiter roaming around in the office.

A 90-day try out option is also given to the dealer with this model. Temporary-to-permanent structures are quite similar with the working of the model. In this regard, permanent status can be given to the employee at any time by the dealer during the trial period of the employee. Wonderlic offers a good place, which can improve and make the hiring process and its structure easy for the dealer, as well as, the employee during the process. Employee assessment, retention, and recruiting solutions are provided by this Chicago-based company.

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The auto industry has been specifically preferred for the solutions. Candidate ambition, intelligence, problem-solving, and personality traits are matched online during the process by the dealers, and every step is taken, in order to fill the position with the best-possible candidate. The national director of Wonderlic’s automotive programs, Wendi Venable said that a good analogy is made by the football during the hiring process of the dealership, as the NFL is the customer of the Wonderlic.

A lineman for a quarterback’s role might be hired, if the cognitive ability and intelligence level of an individual related to the requirements of the job is not tested during the hiring process. The difference is that the instructions are followed by the linemen. However, things are happened by the presence of quarterbacks. Therefore, a set of different skills is required for every position in the team, as well as, in the dealership. Candidates should be assessed in two main areas by the dealers. Intelligence level is the first and foremost area of assessment.

Cognitive ability and problem-solving skills have also been included in this area. In this regard, a particular candidate can be tested by a 12-minute test by the dealer for the position of a particular job, as suggested by the Venable. Core personality competencies of a candidate are assessed with the help of an objective measurement in the second area. In other words, the abilities of the candidate for completing the job are assessed by the dealers. On one hand, the reliability of the candidate is also measured in some tests.

On the other hand, the possibility and chances of counter-productive work behavior is assessed, as recommended by a number of experts in the field. Likelihood of turnover is also measured for entry-level positions in a dealership. The future behavior of the candidate is predicted most effectively by the measurement and analysis of the past behavior of the candidate, as noted by the Venable. In the result, better job-matched employees are hired by the dealerships with the help of such testing. Sales turnover can be slowed down by 30 to 40% with the help of pre-hiring screening and testing.

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