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Customer Perception

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Customer perception is defined as the way that customers usually view or feel about certain services and products. It can also be related to customer satisfaction which is the expectation of the customer towards the products. In general psychological terms, perception is our ability to make some kind of sense of reality from the external sensory stimuli to which we are exposed. Several factors can influence our perception, causing it to change in certain ways. Consumer perception theory is any attempt to understand how a consumer’s perception of a product or service influences their behavior.

Those who study consumer perception try to understand why consumers make the decisions they do, and how to influence these decisions. Usually, consumer perception theory is used by marketers when designing a campaign for a product or brand.

However, some people study consumer perception in order to understand psychology in a much more general sense. Perception is not the passive receipt of these signals, but is shaped by learning, memory, expectation, and attention.

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Customer Perception essay

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What Is A Customer Perception?
Customer perception refers to the way in which a customer views and interprets a brand or product based on their personal experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. It is shaped by various factors, including advertising, word-of-mouth, and customer service.

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