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Innovation Is the process of translating an Idea or invention Into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay (www. Observationally. Com, 2014). " In this paper, the identification of an innovation, and plan for implementing the innovation, in the current workplace that I am working for, will be described in full detail. The innovative product that will be Introduced to the workplace Is called the "Freedom walker. How many Individuals get tired of slating down all day at a desk?

Another complaint that is heard, quite often within the organizations is, "l am overweight and I do not have the time to make it to the gym. " Well, now here is the perfect solution. Freedom Walker will give Individuals the opportunity to either, remain seated at the desk while working or they can chose to get up and begin to exercise at the pace they feel most comfortable. The high-quality product will be made to last and it will give employees the freedom of exercising while working (Treadles, 2014). Freedom Walker Is going to solely be Intended to run in slow speeds.

One of the great things about this product is that unlike regular treadmills. He Freedom Walker will not overheat (Treadles. 2014). For which, giving individuals an unlimited amount of time to be on the treadmill while working. The control panel can be placed on top of each employee's desk. And will have a 10-inch cord connected to the panel and the Freedom Walker. On the control panel, employees will be able to see how long they have been walking. The employee will also be able to keep track of the amount of calories that are being loss with the freedom walker.

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The Freedom Walker will also have an attached Emergency cord that all individuals who use this product must wear while in action. The Emergency cord Is In case of any emergency, the employee will be able to shut the machine off The Freedom Walker also comes with a strong rubber mat that should be placed on top of the tread, to reduce the sound and avoid distraction (Treadles, 2014). The speed of this product will not go above 4. 0 MPH (Treadles, 2014). The reason that the machine will not go above the speed of 4. Is to avoid distractions on the phone with customers, such as loss of breath or Incorrect grammar spelling on the computer because of not being able to concentrate. For safety of each employee, the aching is limited to 4. 0 MPH. The Freedom Walker will not have much assembly required. The control panel is connected to the treadmill, Just simply connect the 'OFF The design will begin with the CEO and upper management, and then will of course go down the list for each individual within the organization.

It is a proven fact that the obesity rate within the United States has more than doubled in adults and children since sass's (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). The leading public health problem within the United States is obesity (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). Without any discrimination, the majority of the employees within the organization that this innovative idea will be implemented in, are overweight. Below is the chart from the Food Research and Action Report that shows the percentages of each ethnicity and at what percentage they are overweight.

How can it be possible that a Health insurance company is selling insurance, but have the employees unhealthy and overweight? There is going to be a weekly goal that each individual will write-out for himself or herself when using the Freedom Walker. The organization will have to see some type of improvement in all employees. If, there is no improvement seen thin several weeks, then disciplinary action will be enforced. Once there is improvement noticed, that is when the organization will begin to offer incentives. The incentive that will be granted is that the company will pay for half, of each individuals health insurance premium.

This could definitely guarantee success, especially now and days that health insurance premiums are so expensive. The impact that this innovative process will have within the organization is going to be drastic. This will not only help the employees but will also help the customers as well. The innovation process, will allow employees to take stand about prolonged sitting. Researcher suggest that prolonged sitting is bad for one's health (Neoprene, 2013). There have been scientists that compare prolonged sitting to smoking (Neoprene, 2013).

The Freedom Walker should help every individual begin to feel fit and begin to have a more positive attitude (Neoprene, 2013). This change in attitude and in oneself, innovation process is going to be an incremental innovation. As stated above the process will begin with the CEO and upper management. Once the change is seen in hose areas, then the process will begin to trickle down the totem pole as it has been heard. So, as the article states by the incremental innovation web page, "Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). Incremental change is not about making a change happen instantly (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). "The reason incremental innovation is so popular, is because it has reduced risk in comparison to radical innovation (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014). " Furthermore, once a equines has a manufactured good up and running it tends to have built up substantial amount of human capital and competencies so the business may as well dedicate time to creating it better or reducing costs (Innovation Management Community for Practitioners, 2014).

Four Stages of the Research Cycle There will be seven steps to the innovation process and they are 1 . Thinking, 2. Portfolio Management and Metrics, 3. Research 4. Insight, 5. Innovation Development, 6. Marketing Development, 7. Selling (Morris, 2013). The way that the innovation will be measured will be "R&D Impact = Gross Margin / R&D Spend - This is an "old" Bill Hewlett and David Packard metric they used to guarantee suitable return for the R&D effort being invested (McKinney, 2010). " "Why gross margin, one would ask? McKinney, 2010)" "The assumption is that if you assemble a better mouse trap, the customer will reward you with a margin premium which will show up in gross margin (McKinney, 2010). " "Target: Assess your competitors and you want to be in top quartile (McKinney, 2010). " Innovation takes time and dedication. In order for a company to be successful in the implementation of an innovation there needs to be, a lot of research and date corded. An innovative idea cannot Just be something that someone brings up and it happens.

There has to be comparisons to other products and reports showing the business/organization why that innovative idea would be better than any other idea. The Freedom Walker would be a great innovative idea because it would help save the lives of many people who may be struggle with health issues due to weight problems. I believe that not only should the company that I am currently working for, use the innovative idea, but that all companies that have customer service representatives. Customer Services Representatives are mandated to sit at their desk for 8-10 hours a day without being allowed to move from the chair.

Production and quality is something that is counted against the individuals who do move from his/ her chair, which then causes disciplinary action. This is an act that is inhumane and I believe that something should be done about it. So, everyone that has a business with CARS and Data Reps. Let try Freedom Walker and lets see how great of an impact it will have on not only the company but on the employees as well. References childhood and adult obesity in the United States. Journal of the American Medical Association, 8(31 1), 806-814. Food Research and Action Center. 2014). Overweight and Obesity in the U. S.. Retrieved from afar. Org/initiatives/hunger-and-obesity/ obesity-in-the-us/ Innovation Management Community for Practitioners. (2014). Incremental Innovation. Retrieved from http://www. Unconventionality's. Com/ incremental-innovation/incremental-innovation-vs.-radical-innovation McKinney, P. (2010). Can you measure the impact for innovation. Retrieved from philharmonic. Com. Archives/2010/02/can-you-measure-the-impact-from- innovation. HTML Morris, L. (2013). How to Innovate: The Innovation Process.

Retrieved from http://www. Environmentalists. SE. /2013/08/08/how-t()-innovate-the- innovation-process Neoprene, L. (2013). Stand Up for Better Health? Maybe Not. Better-health-maybe-not/ Reynolds, G. (2011). Rethinking the Exercise "Talk Test". Retrieved from well. Blobs. Anytime. Com/2011109/21 [rethinking-the-exercise-talk-test/? _pH=true=blogs=o Treadles. (2014). Retrieved from http:// www. Treadles. Com/products/ www. Objectifications. Com. (2014). Innovation. Retrieved from http://www. Objectifications. Com/definition/innovation. HTML

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