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Composers use language to create images

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Composers use language to create images that communicate main ideas and add richness and depth to their texts BY Chrts961 Composers Wilfred Owen, writer of poems 'Futility and 'Exposure', and Jessie Pope writer of Who's for the game? use a diverse range of language techniques in their poems to create images to communicate main ideas . AII words in their poems are important because the way these poets use language is exactly in description which may be used to create tone, atmosphere or mood or simply to add richness and depth to their texts.

Wilfred Owen's 'Futility is about the existence of mankind. From the beginning of Futility we feel a rather scarce sense of emotion and feeling, but towards the end of the poem as the narrator starts to question things we begin to feel how distressed he becomes - "full nerved - Still warm - Too hard to stir? Was it for this day grew tall? - O what made fatuous sunbeams toil to break Earth's sleep at all? These rhetorical questions indicate to us the sense of urgency being felt for the soldier's life. Ultimately, the composer uses rhetorical questions to communicate deeper emotions. In the second stanza of 'Exposure', Owen uses a clear description of he sound that the wind makes through the barbed wire - "like twitching agonies of men among its brambles". The use of simile helps to create the extreme horror of no man's land and connects with the idea of the title 'Exposure'.

Although Who's for the game? Which is composed by Jessie Pope is about a serious topic, he helps us see the bright side to a war. This is done through rhyme. The use of rhyme gives a musical element in the poem and when combined with a serious topic it would feel as if the poem is trying to fire you up to go sign up and fight for your country in war. "Who'll give his country a hand? And who wants a seat in the stand? " suggests exactly this. Where is the love?

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Composers use language to create images

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