Consumers’ Perception about Different Research Organizations

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Research proposal for internship program proposed title: Consumers’ perception about different researh organizations.

This high degree of recognition is one of the main reasons SquarePharmaceuticals Limited has been so successful. For the 2007 fiscal year, ending December 30, 2007, this firm continued to soar, with sales of Tk. Started as a tiny organization, the above statement is the present landscape of Square Pharmaceuticals Limited. But this is not the end of the story, yet has a longway to run. To consistently and constantly grow and stay on the competition in thehighly competitive market, right decision must be taken in right time. Here comesthe importance of market research organizations.

They generate and provideinformation to be used as input into pharmaceutical’s management decision makingregarding the product-market characteristics and functions. In order to determine customer needs and to implement marketing strategies andprograms aimed at satisfying those needs, marketing managers need information. They need information about customers, competitors, and other forces in themarket place. In recent years, many factors have increased the need for more andbetter information. As firms have become national and international in scope, theneed for information on larger and more distant markets has increased.Asconsumers have become more affluent and sophisticated, marketing managersneed better information on how they will respond to products and other marketingofferings. As competition has become more intense, managers need information onthe effectiveness of their marketing tools.

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As the environment changes morerapidly, marketing manages need more timely information. The task of marketing research is to assess the information needs and providemanagement with relevant, accurate, reliable, valid, current and actionableinformation.Today’s competitive marketing environment and the ever-increasingcosts attributed to poor decision making require marketing research to providesound information. Sound decisions are not based on gut feeling, intuition, or evenpure judgment. In the absence of sound information, an incorrect managementdecision may be made. Some organizations have their own research wing and others depend upon thirdparty research organizations for such data. Several research organizations like 4P,ACNielsen, Sirius etc.

exist in the research industry of Bangladesh. So, it isimperative to determine their reputation and efficiency.In this study, my main purpose is to make a comparative analysis between differentresearch organizations of Bangladesh and rank them based on some relevantattributes.

Problem definition/objectives of the research:

Broad objective:

This study will be designed to make an assessment of the consumers’ perception about different research organizations.

Specific objectives:

In course of the study, for the accomplishment of the primary broad objective, fulfillment of the following set of specific objectives are required:

  1. To explore Customers’ perception of the set of benefits they are receiving from the third party research organizations.
  2. To identify the existing research firms.
  3. To identify the strengths and weaknesses of various research firms.
  4. To compare the capability, efficiency and performance of various research firms.
  5. To recommend appropriate research firm/s to charter in future.

Dependent variable:

Perception about the research firms.

Independent variables:

  1. Specifications.
  2. Error.
  3. Currency.
  4. Objective.
  5. Nature.
  6. Dependability of the data.
  7. Flexibility of data collection.
  8. Diversity of questions.
  9. Use of physical stimuli.
  10. Sample control.
  11. Control of the data collection environment
  12. Control of field force.
  13. Quantity of data.
  14. Response rate.
  15. Perceived anonymity.
  16. Social desirability/sensitive information.
  17. Potential for interviewer bias.
  18. Speed
  19. Cost Research Approach:

A descriptive research is being proposed to perform the study. Kind of information to be obtained: This study will be based on both primary and secondary information.

Primary data:

Structured questionnaire will be provided to collect information from respondents.

Secondary information:

Secondary information will be collected by reviewing web sites, journals, brochures, publications, newspapers and other relevant documents.

Research Methodology:

Survey method is being proposed in which a structured questionnaire given to a sample of a population and designed to elicit specific information from respondents.

Mode of administration of the survey:

Face-to-face or telephone or email interview may be used. To know the customers’ perception about the research firms, this proposed studywill be conducted by a constructed questionnaire with those persons who will beselected as sample for the study. All participation will be voluntary.

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