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Recommendations According to my research, brand image as direct affect customer loyalty. As a five-star hotel have a good brand image is important for customer loyalty and long-term business. Brand image also affect customer loyalty through use customer satisfaction as the medium. If you are selling to people who are willing to pay a premium price for choose your hotel, you have to have a quality in you brand. Without a hotel brand image which in some way you will get the wrong customers or in the extreme case, no customer and this will lead to you making no money and therefore no profits.

After my research have clearly relationship between hotel brand image and customer loyalty. Here I will give some recommendations to hotel. The way to improve hotel brand image Hotel should pay more attention to customer’s perceived value as they would like to get affordable price, quality service for the product and service they pay for. To attract more customers, hotel can have regular VIP or member customer’s appreciation activity. Hotel also can have advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Brand image is not fixed in customer’s heart.

It is changed every times, such as this time stay in this hotel have new feeling of brand image take over before brand image in customer’s heart. Thus, it still has some ways to improve hotel brand image. 1, First impressions which hotel give customer is important. The hotel has prominent logo with fresh color and sample design. When customers fist time see that can easy to memories. As simply speaking, human nature dictate that people will often substantiate their first decision or impression by focusing on the positives and even overriding or blocking out any negative points.

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Hotel needs customer fist time to confirm their brand image. Hotel brand image should be based on what their customer expects. Hotel brand shout speak to their market in a way that they like to be spoken to. Hotel need to define their brand fonts, color, and logo shape appears. For example the Shangri-la hotel, they said that Our 'S' logo, which resembles uniquely Asian architectural forms, suggests majestic mountains reflected in the waters of a tranquil lake”. All these little things together will create a highly successful brand image for a five-star hotel. . Brand values are very important to improve a brand image. Creating a predefined set of values is extremely important in getting hotel brand to work. Decide which values apply first and foremost to hotel business. For Shangri-la hotel, they give the slogan is “a luxurious sanctuary for the discerning traveler”. For this sentence, not only give a promise to their customer, but also as a standard for hotel staffs. These also can instantly be able to convey to your clients how hotel operate. It will be a useful way for hotel to improve their brand image. 3.

The aim to highlight the benefit such hotel can provide quality service to customer and put it on the forefront of any marketing. This is what they’re most interested in. How will spending money with hotel benefit. According to research data analysis shows that customer think the most importance element when they choose a five-star hotels is product quality. Then hotel should highlight their quality at any marketing activity and advertisement. This means that hotel have set out why customers should choose your hotel and therefore why customers shout pay your price. 4. Hotel can share their business growing with their customer.

They can put the hotel growing history in their web side. The time will come where hotel business grows to a size where hotel brand image no longer accurately reflects and how much customer have stayed in this hotel, how long time the brand have created. At this point it’s worth looking at re-branding. It can get customer approved. Let customer feel that he joins the hotel growing and feel kind with your hotel brand image. 5. Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Nowadays have many different five-star hotel brand image. How to let customer can memories your hotel brand?

Everything from the vocabulary your use to the tone of your advertisements and the color and shape of your logo should be distinctly yours. The customer can easy find the shining point from your brand and live a deep impression in their heart. Your hotel brand image can give the different feeling to customers. Therefore, in order to create a successful brand, marketing managers should be more devoted on building brand image, customers’ satisfaction and customer loyalty as the most important parts of branding strategy. By strengthening and maintaining the brand images will hopefully position the brand positively in the customer mind.

The target market of Five-stat hotel From research, the majority of customers are middle age and the purpose is for business or leisure. It also shows a high personal income to support five-star hotel consumption. Thus, hotel should pay more attention to male, middle age customers who are 40-49 years old, and consumers who have a diploma or degree and who and high personal income for increasing market share. Look at the guest database and define your target market and desired amenities. Developing a business plan for an existing business or conducting a feasibility study for a new venture requires a through analysis of market conditions.

The correct target market is importance for success a hotel business. We can know that hotel need to focus their target market at middle age group people. List the business goals for your hotel. For these group customers, hotel need to know what is they pay attention to when they stay in a hotel. It is advisable to improve hotel meeting facilities, room facilities and quality service. Making pointed references plan for business and leisure and give many meeting or leisure package to customers. Improve customer loyalty

According to the research data analysis, brand image and customer satisfaction affect customer loyalty. As a hotel, improve customer loyalty from these two aspects. From literature review and analysis we understand that customer loyalty is important for a hotel operation and market. First of all, to improve customer loyalty need to focus on brand image. A good brand image is conducive to get more customer loyalty. Hotel finds the correct way to improve brand image, therefore the customer loyalty will increase. The customer loyalty is directly proportional to how good brand image in customer’s mind.

On the other hand, is having customer satisfaction. To get customer satisfaction, hotel should provide good service, high quality facilities to let customer feel is worthy of expense their money in your hotel. Hotel also can do some regular customer research to get fresh feedback information about customer satisfaction and can timely find problem and vulnerabilities then solve it. Conclusion The research has shown the importance of brand image benefits on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The finding supports H1, the five-star hotel brand image is a direct path.

For H2, brand image is also a factor that significantly affects the customer satisfaction then finally effect customer loyalty in five-star hotel. For H3, the positive hotel image increase customer loyalty in five-star hotel. Based on my research results, hotel brand image is as a determinant of customer loyalty in five-star hotels. The hotel brand image also affects customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction has strong impact on customer loyalty. With regard to satisfaction and loyalty, it is important for five-star hotels to measure customer’s satisfaction in order to analyze their product or service image performance.

Hotel satisfied customers are willing to recommend their branded hotel product and service to others as well as having the intention to purchase their product and services in the future. The research findings of this study showed that hotel brand image plays the most important role in creating and maintaining customer loyalty in five-star hotel industry markets. As a five-star hotel have to specifically focus on these factors in order to build a long-term and mutually profitability relationship with customers. Hotel also needs to create loyalty as competitive advantages in the market.

To identification of five-star hotel brand image benefits of their branded product and service will help to establish effective marketing strategies. Marketing managers should consider the roles of hotel brand image in creating customer loyalty. The brand image target in hotel business is the target customers of the brand. Nowadays, the customer oriented marketing theory requires an enterprise to take customer satisfaction into account when making decisions and establishing brand image. Establishment of brand image in hotel industry lies in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Hotel need to improve internalize the value of brand image. Establishment of brand image in hotel industry is to firmly establish a brand image basis. Therefore, when the core value of brand image spreads to customer will the brand image in the hotel business is clearly established in the bran of the customer. This research endeavored to help hotel marketing practitioners better understand the key drivers. Creating and maintain customer loyalty in a highly competitive market. The important point of brand image in hotel industry is the customer benefit brought by brand.

When the brand positive hotel brand image was aggressively improved, the hotel business would be able to in maintain their current customers and loyalty. Truly loyal customers are manifestly satisfied. With the five-star hotel have a positive image towards the hotel. Therefore, hotel should always strive to ensure that their customers are very satisfied and improve their hotel brand image to get more customer loyalty. The second of limitations of my research is that data quality can be compromised via a number of potential routes, such as cultural and other type of bias.

We all have biases, whether we are conscience of them or not. Bias is when a place, things or person is viewed or shown in a consistently inaccurate way. It is usually negative, though one can have a positive bias as well. During my research, different people have different opinion about brand image and customer loyalty. So, it must be acknowledge that is a kind of limitation in my research. The sample was collected from a group of consumers in certain area Malaysia. Future research need to extend to diversified samples in order to ensure the full applicability to other settings in this model.

Future research In future I plan to continue to work on analysis about marketing; research could use a different design to examine the causal relationships posited by the theories, such as relationship quality or marketing mix which is 4Ps to explore other antecedents on hotel industry customer loyalty. It also continues my research will be conducted in other industry, such as transport industry, club med industry or casino industry. In addition, for my future research plan can focus other different countries or different global regions. It till can focus on a limitative group person.

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