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Hotel Link training and customer service

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Although hotels vary in using their strategies for a training program, they share the same goals of improving their system, sustain high quality customer service and established profitability through effective training program for their employees. There are lot of great benefits in effecting comprehensive employees training program. Company enrichment is guaranteed in having set of knowledgeable and well trained employee that can work under minimal supervision. Further more, this great advantage of training inculcates confidence to the employee to perform well on their duty for superb customer service.

Extensive orientation and training used by Broadmoor as program for their employees. With this strategic program that they have, new employees are able to learn the basics of their duties in hotel like how to greet and attend to the requests of the customers. In addition, the employees of Broadmoor are able to acquire proper management for handling common problems relating with customers. With the implementation of this strategy, Broadmoor Hotel was able to achieve improvement for continues hotel growth in terms of providing high quality customer service for their customers.

Rockresort is one of the leading luxury hotels in the United States. They had known to be spender in implementing various training program for their employee. Spending about $1000 per staff, training the employee is no doubt an investment for them. Their program includes a series of three day training. The program aims to improve the quality of their customer service and develop necessary ideas to be competitive. Having this training program, Rockresorts is able to notify possible rooms for improvement and contribute to built confidence on their employee.

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By the use of these strategic training programs, it gives the opportunity for the respective hotels to achieve their specific goals and standard in relation to customer service. Nevertheless, the outcome of training can be seen through positive responses of customers via survey forms. Customer satisfaction, efficient performance of employee and increase in revenue is a clear indication of an efficient and effective training program. These results also help hotels to formulate and develop effective training programs for continued improvement. Starwood is one of the most successful on the hotel industry today.

Consisting of five different hotel branches, Starwood is believed to be on the forefront of the increasing hotel competition. They truly believe on the importance of training for their employee as key ingredient to achieve victory. This faith clearly proves to be the reason of their success. Aside from the hotel’s achievement, Starwood developed a goal to increase wine sales in their entire hotel. This considerable challenge resulted to the executive’s formulation of campaign called “Winebuzz” program that will focus on the goal to increase sales for wine.

The formation of the “Winebuzz” program can be effective for the succeeding years due its full time concentration in increasing the sales of wine within Starwood hotels and restaurants. Serving alcoholic beverage at this generation is quite difficult. Due to the growing awareness of drinking alcoholic beverage is harmful for the body. Although these facts are widely accepted, there are still some alcoholic drinks that are beneficial to human body. Wine is a great example.

It is given that drinking wine is good for the health and it's a fact that not everyone is fully aware of its health benefits. In relation to the case of Starwood Winebuzz program, its effectiveness in selling wines at its hotels and restaurants can be visible for the succeeding years, if they were able to establish a profound awareness about the health benefits of wine within their customers. By this, they could attract more customers to purchase wine in their hotels and established loyal customers and be able to establish the Starwood hotel as a perfect place to purchase wine products.

Further more, the concept of “Winebuzz” program can create innovation and set a trend in the hotel industry that can effect change in the traditional hotel definition. It is a clear advantage if the employee knows deeply the importance of their products. Due to the growing competition in hotel industry and the goal to increase the sales of wine in Starwood hotel, the effectiveness of Winebuzz program can be determine later on by having edge of a set knowledgeable employee to different varieties of wines and its healthy benefits.

The concept of Winebuzz “train-the-trainers” effectiveness could be seen in the succeeding years by lowering cost of training the other employees. Swot Analysis Training the employees is a good strategy to be enforced. It improves the capabilities of the employee to perform and be familiar with the nature of the job. Furthermore, training sets the standard with the way employees do their duty. For hotel functions, providing luxury and high quality service is important. This common goal is attainable, by having an effective training for their employees.

In this case, the strength of conducting training for hotel employees can be visible if the high quality service is maintained and continues to meet the expectation of the customers. Training equips employee with the needed knowledge and abilities for their duties. Hotels are spending serious amount of money just to conduct training. For Rockresort they are spending $1000 per staff to undergo training. It can be argued that training helps improve customer service and is worth spending for. For some hotels they even spend a huge amount for their training programs.

Having stated all of this, one weakness of training programs for hotels may perhaps be classified in its relative cost. Another area is that training doesn't guarantee a zero statistics of mistakes or shortcoming for their employee. Conducting training offers a lot of opportunity. For the hotels, developing a training program for their employee allow different positive opportunity. First, there is a need to identify the areas they need to improve. Such can be determined through a comprehensive research program.

In addition, increasing profit and revenues is bright possible when hotels conduct a training program for their employees. Due to training’s capability to instil confidence in employees, having a reliable training program is key factor for hotels in maintaining finest customer service. However, there is a considerable threat for a training program if it is not properly conducted. It can create an ineffective outcome and bad results. Lack of comprehensive research and outcome report is a possible threat to further improve the program and support the effectiveness of the training.

Hotel Link training and customer service essay

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