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How 21st Century Media Has Reconfigured the Socially Standard Image of People in STEM 

In 2015, Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt made London headlines after his explicit and derogatory remarks about “[his] trouble with girls” (Bilefsky). He states that his “trouble with girls” was that in a laboratory setting with a woman, three things happen: “You fall in love …

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Symbolic Annihilation in Mass Media

Mass media exposes us to a broader range of people that we might ever encounter throughout the span of our life time. Media, for some of us, might be the only source of information we receive on other ethnic groups. In this case, mass media …

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Correct Media Coverage of Events

On February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. According to PBS NewsHour, nineteen year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire in the school killing seventeen people and wounding others. The seventeen people include the school’s football coach, athletic …

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Bias in Mass Media Is an Acute Problem Today

“…When social media is manipulated to show bias and facts that are not so true, there becomes a problem. Social media, when used in a negative way, can have major repercussions.” (Graubart, par. 10). Bias in the media [social, and otherwise] is a rampant problem …

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The Role of the Media in Racial Inequality

Racial inequality continues to be an ugly sore festering in the heart of twenty-first-century America, despite claims that it has become a post-racial society. Whiteness has always been a central element in racial oppression, it is particularly salient in the post-civil rights era of formal …

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Media Images of Blacks

Have you ever actually sat and thought about the different tactics and techniques the media uses? Negative representations of black males are noticeable to the public through the news, film, music videos, reality television, and other forms of media. The stereotypical portrayals of African-Americans show …

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BBC Is Responsible for Unbiased News Coverage

BBC News stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and it is liable for collecting and broadcasting the latest top stories. BBC News overall is the words largest broadcasting news department in the world. Since 2015, Frans Unsworth is the CEO of BBC. The BBC has three …

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Mass Media Is an Influential Social Construct

In the 21st century Mass Media represent “highly influential social constructions” which belong to the everyday life of millions of people all around the world (Levine, 2012). These media play a primary role in the inexorable propagation of a wide range of images regarding female …

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Do Journalists Have a Duty to Eliminate as Much Bias as Possible?

The journalism is dead; and even in its death, we continue to desecrate its remains.The very nation that swore to protect it, have either succumb to greed and sold their souls metaphorically or have since passed, leaving only the corrupted. Do journalists have a duty …

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The Problem of Bias in the Mass Media

Throughout our society media can be portrayed many ways. Media sources such as The News, Entertainment, Print Media, Television, and the internet all share news in different ways. The first amendment allows freedom of press thus allowing media to get heavily into politics, however The …

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