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Another example is the processes that are utilized in the company Toshiba. In 2001, the company introduced an innovation program that was supposed to improve the quality of their products and processes. The new innovation program helped Toshiba to save up to three million pounds globally and over ten million pounds in United Kingdom. In 2003, about 159 ideas were implemented, if truth to be told there is a welter of suggestions for Toshiba that the company has to place a limit to them.

Another element implemented by Toshiba is sharing the ideas. A number of innovative projects have been resulted from conveying the employees from various departments. After every 6 months, the company offers an innovative awards and trophy presented to the each employee. Moreover, the company pays a bonus of up to ten thousand pounds to the employees who are involved in the project that have the biggest impact. (K. Harigopal, 2006).

Three of the examples mentioned in this paper indicates 6 elements that are compulsory to entail employees in the innovation procedure therefore making sure that the possession of the ideas remains with its originator, top level buy-in, persuading the employees to work mutually in implementing and developing new ideas, offering optimistic encouragement process, constructing a clear and well defined process, lastly to make sure whether the program is running within the organization consistently or not. (Gary D. Holt, Peter E. D. Love & L. Jawahar Nesan, 2000)

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One simple way to start employ empowerment at workplace is to build up a suggestion box in which employees can give suggestions to the company devoid of any fear. As far as for the managers, they should consider those suggestions and implement them on a serious note. A forum can also be build where the suggestions given by the employees get a response in return. Additionally, managers of the organization can hold a meeting once in a month with the employees to give open ideas.

(Alex Blyth, 2004). In order for the betterment of the company, at least one suggestion should be considered plus for the employees to feel that they have also helped the company in some way. If the ideas are not approved then it emphasizes that all power is for the managers of the organization. In any organization, employee empowerment can work properly if the managers take open ideas from the employees and implement them. If not than employee empowerment does not exist in the organization.


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