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We will venture into auto mobile industry. The company will be called jagged auto mobile company. Auto mobiles industry is one of the oldest industries in US. It dates back to 1899 after it was adopted from Europe. We will try to not only follow the foot steps of Ford Auto mobile that is currently the leading auto mobile company but we will also Endeavour to out do them. Jagged Automobile Company will be located in Washington DC.

The reason why our plant is located in Washington is the: availability of cheap Labour, availability of land, availability of raw materials, availability of customers and given that Washington is also located in a good. We are planning to launch our company on 12th December 1918. Amongst the guest we have invited are Sir Ford and our President. Jagged Auto mobile company will be adopting an organization structure that will be based on function. At the top we will have the General Manager, sales and marketing manager, financial controller, Customer service manager, Technical manager, Human resource manager.

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The general manager will be the overall manager of the company, technical; manager will head all the engineers who will be responsible for designing new products and carrying out after sales services. Sales and marketing manager will lead the sales team and he will be responsible for marketing the jagged auto mobiles products. The financial controller will be responsible for the companies’ finances. The human resources manager will be responsible for all matters affecting employees and for will employees affairs.

The diagram below is a schematic representation of the organization structure of Jagged Auto mobile company. The company will have one plant at the beginning, with several outlets all the country for their products. It will also involve the services of motor bazaars. Amongst the strategic points that we have noticed are Chicago, Texas, Florida, Washington DC and Ohio. We are also planning to link up with some other people from other countries like Mexico and Canada who are still importing vehicles from UK.

We believe that our products will do better in North America. We will need the following resources in our plants, welding guns, welding midges, tires, plates, engine oil, brake fluid, steering oil, petrol, leather, cushion, wire, insurance, card board, jigs and fixtures. (Ford 2008) We are going to offer tenders to companies which manufacture tires. But we are planning to have tires from Firestone Company in Britain because they are the main suppliers of Ford automobile company. For the steel we will be getting it from US.

Steel Corporation Company given that it’s a local company with a vast experience in steel production. The steel will be used for making the body of the car. The wire we will get from US cable manufacturers who are the oldest manufacturers of wire. The wire will be used for wiring the vehicle. We will get all our oils from Total, this French company which started in 1902. We are going for their oil because Total lubricants are widely used in UK by auto mobile companies and in US companies like Ford Auto Mobile. (Ford 2008) The capital required will be around five million US dollars.

But with sometime we are planning to take our company to the stock exchange market. This will enable us to get more capital. I happen to have inherited over ten million US dollars from father who happens to be the owner of Sainsbury food industry. Sells and marketing department will be responsible for delivering the goods to the customers. Some vehicles will be shipped to the buyers. We are also likely to start a supply chain chains all over America. The vehicles will be manufactured and then taken to the suppliers where the customers will get their products.

The buyers will also be allowed to buy vehicles directly from our plants. We will be offering after sales services. We are going to offer after sales services for one year to our entire customer. The sales engineers will be responsible for this. They will also propose new design to the design engineers. We will be targeting people from the whole country. Particularly the middle class who according to survey we have done are the majority in the population. Our Engineers will come up with vehicles with different features.

The better feature a vehicle will have the higher will its price be. The sales and marketing department will be responsible for this. They are going to place advertisement in the media. We will also put up advisements on bill boards. Our vehicle will also have our logo on the bonnet. We are also going to give discounts to our customer. The legal consideration that we will have to adhere to is the environmental policy, the workers laws and the company legislation. Reference: “Ford Motor Company” retrieved from ford automobile company. com on 1st December 2008

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