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To evaluate a work of art properly we must deal with it in the context of: culture that produced it b) art museums c) our own values d) our own time a) the 10. According to Assayer (p. 19), what are the three steps in the process of "seeing"? A) detection, processing, reference b) reception, extraction, inference c) looking, seeing, believing d) reception, interpreting, understanding 11. In The Language of Art, what, according to Nelson Goodman (p. 18), "selects, rejects, organizes, discriminates, associates, classifies, analyzes, and constructs"? The museum curator b) the Quintal Program c) the artist Jasper Johns 12. How is Arena Montana's Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming similar to Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty (up. 14-15)? A) similar size and shape b) same subject matter c) each uses abstract symbols d) both use the same medium Short Answer Questions 13. Part of Albert Birthrate's influence for his painting The Rocky Mountains came from a very different source. What was it? 14. Why was Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty different from traditional landscapes? 15.

Give an example from the textbook of an artwork used for political purposes. 16. There are two basic steps to seeing. The first is physical; the second is 17. In Christi and Jeanne Clause's Umbrella Project, what two factors connect the two different sets of umbrellas to their locations? And 18. What aspect of ancient Australian ideology did Arena Motto include in his painting, Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming? 19. Www Sheen's landscape, The Central Mountains, raises an ordinary landscape scene to a higher level of beauty, what the Chinese call Essay Questions 20.

How did Christi and Jeanne-Claude conceive the Umbrella Project? What was the intended symbolism of the umbrellas themselves? The color? Geographic location? 21 . Using the works of Arena Motto and Www Chem., discuss the various ways in which artists describe their world. 22. There are four roles that artists play that have not changed over the centuries. What are these roles and cite examples from Chapter 1 for each role. 23. Using examples from the chapter, how do works of art featuring the American 24. Explain how Albert Birthrate's Rocky Mountains represents the "sublime. "

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