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1. The task of any business is to deliver ________ at a profit.

  • a. customer value
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  • b. products and services
  • c. improved quality
  • d. customer needs
  • e. products

2. Much of a brand’s strength in consumer markets depend on ________.

  • a. developing a superior product
  • b. creating superior packaging
  • c. ensuring the product’s availability
  • d. backing the product with engaging communications and reliable service
  • e. all of the above

3. ________ are basic human requirements; ________ are the ways in which we satisfy those requirements, and they are shaped by our society.

  • a. Wants; needs
  • b. Demands; wants
  • c. Needs; wants
  • d. Needs; demands
  • e. Demands; needs

4. Companies address needs by putting forth a(n) ________, a set of benefits that they offer to customers to satisfy their needs.

  • a. brand
  • b. value proposition
  • c. offering
  • d. target market
  • e. demand

5. Under which of the following company orientations toward the marketplace would we expect to find the “better mousetrap” fallacy?

  • a. Production concept
  • b. Product concept
  • c. Selling concept
  • d. Marketing concept
  • e. Holistic marketing concept.

6. The ________ lays out the target markets and the value proposition that will be offered, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities.

  • a. organizational plan
  • b. strategic marketing plan
  • c. corporate tactical plan
  • d. corporate mission
  • e. customer-value statement

7. Market-penetration, product-development, and market-development strategies would all be examples of ________ strategies.

  • f. concentric
  • g. conglomerate
  • h. horizontal
  • i. intensive growth
  • j. integrative growth

8. Which of the following is one of the four planning activities undertaken by all corporate headquarters?

  • e. defining the corporate mission
  • l. establishing strategic business units m. assigning resources to each SBU
  • n. assessing growth opportunities
  • o. all of the above

9. The ________ identifies nine strategically relevant activities that create value and cost in a specific business.

  • a. value proposition
  • b. value chain
  • c. mission statement
  • d. annual report
  • e. manager’s log

10. Several forces are driving companies to practice a higher level of corporate social responsibility. These include ________.

  • a. rising customer expectations
  • b. evolving employee goals and ambitions
  • c. tighter government legislation
  • d. investor interests
  • e. all of the above

11. One traditional depiction of tactical marketing activities is in terms of the marketing mix or four Ps. The four Ps are characterized as being ________.

  • a. product, positioning, place, and price
  • b. product, production, price, and place
  • c. promotion, place, positioning, and price
  • d. place, promotion, production, and positioning
  • e. product, price, promotion, and place

12. A mission statement has as its primary focus the product and how to make it.

  • a. True
  • b. False Answer Key

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