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Take a deep breath and tell him what you've learned in this class that could be a cultural reason for this phenomenon. References to specific theories required. The sociological approach toward social problems differs and is divided into two areas: basic research and applied research. The main reason is to focus more on self-consciousness and building awareness to expand knowledge and understanding on how individuals interact with society and among each other. Researchers rely on scientific methods to determine a person behavior how individuals would act outside of their comfort zone.

The first step is knows that there is a problem that needs immediately attention this is how research gains statistics by approaching it with different variables to reach a reasonable solution. While taking this course (Food and Culture) I learned from a sociologist perspective we seem too visualized more on how the society plays a role in our society. I thinking this will be an interesting class because it gives different aspects of the world we live premise of this class is, basically, getting familiar with learning how to ask and answer critical thinking questions and problem solving techniques.

In today's society two of the most important tools sociologists seem to use to study the impact on individuals' subjective experience are participant observation and long form interviews based upon individuals social behaviors, social relationships, social interaction, and social awareness. Both data collection methods are widely used to conducts research in field of sociology and perform observation study in the social world. In participant observation, the sociologist primarily participates and focuses on the aspects of humans social activity.

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Typically, how he or she conducts their study is by taken role in the social situation under observation, which actually means being a part of what they are studying whether it is an ongoing activities and records observation. The main priority is to use knowledgeable structure while gaining deep understanding, and familiarity with the group of individuals you are studying personal levels. However, while working in the fields you cannot get discourage letting emotions and feelings influence or affecting the way you think when observing or finding information.

Long form interviews give sociologists a different approach of insight because we are being asked a listed of questions which can last for hours. In this world we were giving common sense to think and it's entirely up to us to use it. The sociological perspective assures us that we live in a diverse world filled with people from different culture and background. It's our decision to isolate ourselves from getting involved with such negative social activities as these. There is a diversity of people's life styles, still we may consider our way of life as superior, right, and natural. All others are no good.

The sociological perspective encourages us to think radically about the relative strengths and weaknesses of all ways of life, including our Question 2 of 4 12. 5 Points A friend suggests that gender equality is a reality in the US. He is certain that men have the same load of domestic responsibilities that women do, statistically speaking. Cite statistics from your Readings and LEN that refute his belief. Consider both physical labor and time, and emotional burdens, as drains on the average woman living: in a family with children; living with only a male partner; living with children and no male partners.

Leave the statistics on gay/lesbian families for another day; oh don't want your friend's head to explode with too much data all at once. "The female gender role in family life as the person wholly or almost wholly responsible for all labor related to food is deeply ingrained in American, and some other cultures. " (FOOD & CULTURE). According to the LEN woman work 40 to 80 hours per work; however, this does not conclude the overtime hours they work provide and support their families' needs and wants. The achievement of full equality between women and men has not change much from the way things were back in the sass's until now.

However, there is always going to be a slight difference not only illogically, but also socially. In the past, women were given more responsibilities Department statistics say that 65% of mothers with young children are working FT; 75% of mothers overall. " (FOOD & CULTURE) Women duties were consisted of nursing babies, cleaning, cooking, and performing other household chores while the men were working outside on the plantation getting paid minimum wage trying to support their family needs. While the men's duties are consisted of outside work; such as cleaning the lawn, working on cars, and etc.

See women weren't allowed to go to college only men. In 1855, Oberlin College was first college to admit education to both African American and White women and men. Women were are more educated now than they were back then; although they did not know much about reading, writing, degrees, and careers. I truly believe we're close to gender equality now. "Consequently, gender stratification varies from one society to another. Whereas sex refers to male or female, gender refers to masculinity or femininity' (Heinlein, 2012).

I think women and men both have equal opportunities composed to the past Journey. As of today they both are well educated in certain careers. Honestly, I can say when you consider the fact not even people within the same social group, males, females, blacks, whites, achieve complete social equality with each other. Certainly women have much room for improvement by gradually making significant gains and changes in the workplace, the home, and entering politics. Hillary Clinton came close to making history as being the first female President of the United States.

With that being said, there are still a high percentage of women withhold high positions in the politician offices today. "Every society sorts men and women into separate groups and gives them different access to property, power, and prestige" (Heinlein, 2012). The women's movement is stronger than ever. The reason why I say that is because in the late sass's women did not have any objective or voice to say how they feel and they did not know the different between right or wrong, nor the difference between fighting for what they believed in.

Men let's not forget us women were the ones who produced you in this world. The Nineteen Amendment of the Bill of Right Constitution gave women the right to vote. As of today, we women are well prepared to face whatever life throws at us no more running, ducking, or hiding. Some men still feel they have authority over women and that woman has to obey by their rules. For example, no person is going to speak for me, physically or verbally abuse me in any kind of way I refuse to be anyone living made. In the social world there are a few women and men who are too lazy to go out and make a living for themselves.

Instead they prefer someone to give them substructure they won't something for nothing. Women are still being discriminated and treated unequally. There are a lot of Jobs that women perform better than men. For example, working in an office setting is a bob for women not man but now in days you find more men receptionist operating computer typing more words per minute than women. In college you find more men majoring in business than hard manual labor. Men work need to be more challenging and complicated such as construction or truck drivers.

I think I'll stick to I am feminist. Feminist refer to a diverse variety of beliefs, ideas, movements, and agendas for action. "the view that biology is not destiny and that stratification by gender is wrong and should be resisted?met with strong opposition, both by men who had privilege to lose and by women who accepted their status as morally erect" (Heinlein, 2012). The black suffrage and the struggles for civil rights is still an issue today. The point is we have these rights to freely do whatever we please to do.

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