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Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training

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Changes and Improvement in Recruitment and Training of Business Company: With a reference to 7-Eleven Corporation Abstract Purpose - This essay aims to account for the ways in which recruitment and training deeds are changing with an instance of 7-Eleven Corporation and to point out the reasons for the main changes and improvement in the process of training and recruitment of a business company.

Findings - The essay indicated that the methods of recruitment and training process of business companies or organizations, is increasingly focused on a sophisticated, objective and effective way, which adding modern training methods to the recruitment system such as e-leaning and multi-skills training. Keywords Recruitment, Training, 7-Eleven Paper type Viewpoint 1. Introduction

Recruitment and training is an essential process for business and organizations of searching for and offering potential Job for applicants in sufficient quantity and quality so that employers can obtain the most suitable candidates to fill in their Job vacancies (Brains, M. , 2008). Nowadays, business recruitment and training has become one of the tough challenges for corporations who have realized that the future of their organizations depends on the recruitment and selection of the best among an increasing number of employees.

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However, it seems that attracting a large umber of applicants is still not a major problem but recruiting the right applicants is the main concern of many employers. Therefore in order to analyses the recent developments in recruitment and training sessions, this essay will present the changes of recruitment and training needs with an example of 7-Eleven Corporation. Then have a little discussion about the reasons of the main changes and how can the corporation do to improve the process of recruitment and selection. 2.

The process of recruitment and training in 7-Eleven 7-Eleven Corporation is the world's largest operator, franchiser, and licensor of nonviolence stores, primarily operating as a franchise, with more than 50,000 outlets located in 16 countries (Wisped, 7-Eleven, 2014). Based on its large market and business expansion, 7-Eleven needs to recruit thousands of employees every year. 7- Lenten Company owns a very professional training system. Normally most employees are begin recruited in November and their selection processes run in the Spring for a period of a few months.

Within this period of time, the applicants would be strictly demanded with their professional skills. Take the retail employee training f 7-Eleven as an example, training of frontline retail employees falls into three main categories: (1) Operational. (2) Customer service. (3) Leadership (Irreproachableness. Com, 2014) Operational training is the most essential part to the business operation, which includes how to operate a cash register, how to inventory merchandise shipments, how to make a super hamburger, etc.

Customer service training is aiming at providing employees with product knowledge as well as relationship and selling skills. Subjects often include how to handle troublesome customers and how to suggest appropriate add-ones to the purchase of particular product. Leadership training gives select individuals the business and relationship skills they need to advance in- to managerial positions (Wisped, 7-Eleven, 2014). 3. Ways in which recruitment and training needs are changing In the few five years, (Youth, 2014), the training process of 7-Eleven had individually changed.

In order to gain a more competitive position in products sales marketplace, the business recruitment department of 7-Eleven has eagerly adopted computer-based training or "e-learning". Take a food production department as an example, on average, it might take eight hours of training before an employee becomes productive. However, employees are taught to reduce those eight hours of training to six hours through some e-learning and other electronic Job aids on the Job, which lead to gain productivity and reduce training costs. It's exactly the kind of e-learning that I think is most effective," says Schooled (Youth, 2014), "It's learning that's needed, and it's put into practice immediately. " Another interesting research (Brains, M. , 2008) notes that, there is an increasing number of employers tend to expect newly applicants to have good transferable skills, as well as former working experience, rather than only excellent academic grades. 4. Reasons for these changes (1) It is obviously showed that the development of e-learning lessons for the training program is partly because of the widespread use of new technology (Irreproachableness. Mom, 2014). The internet started to dominate the process of recruitment as more and more business companies used the internet for advertising vacancies, testing online and even online purchasing. (2) Secondly, the purpose of emending of transferable skills for newly employees is to develop their multi-skills including communication skills, problem-solving ability, IT skills, etc,. (3) Further more, instead of higher education qualification or fantastic academic grades, the relevant working experience is highly concerned to the recruitment and training process.

For instance, the retail training in 7-Eleven, if an employee used to have a Job in other convenience stores or work as salesmen, it would be quite essay to catch the new position in 7-Eleven. The only thing for him might be acquainted with the new reduces. 5. Improvement of recruitment and training process (1) Firstly, with the growing tendency to the needs of computer technology, the most popular method of recruitment is the internet learning session (Berger, Z. , 2008). The employers encourage e-mail applications, online applications and even online testing.

Each above could be a effective way to exam the employees about IT skills. (2) As to the needs of working experience and flexible skills for the employees, a further improvement indicates that the employers can take the training strategy of "transfer he position", which means an employee would be trained in different departments of equal time period. The employees would be dramatic benefited from various types of work. Meanwhile, the company they served would also have a better observation of the employees of what the perfect position for each individual. . Conclusion The analysis has shown that the methods of recruitment and training process of all employers, regardless of organizational size or business type, is increasingly focused on a sophisticated, objective and effective way. Comparing with the type or level of lubrication acquired, many employers become more interested in the transferable skills of applicants (such as communication skills, problem-solving ability and learning capability). Therefore, the recruitment and training process has become more practical, rather than theoretical.

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