A Journey to My Self-Discovery and Improvement

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At the beginning of University I discovered a few new things about myself, they were both good and bad, but they all play their roles in my day to day life. I discovered that my main weakness is doing comprehensions and studying. But knowing that I will have to read for my degree, those weaknesses would cause me to not perform to the best of my ability. However, I will have to work on these to improve my overall performances and also to take advantage of getting an A instead of C.

Improper time management is one of my biggest threats which may hinder me from achieving my academic, professional and career goals. This is a threat I have been trying to avoid, but it feels like the more I try to avoid it, the more it tries to step in and do its damage. Having this as a threat can cause so many things to go wrong, which includes me not getting assignments done in time and also doing inadequate preparation for tests or exams. I now have to push myself to manage my time more effectively.

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But what I think will drive me to do my best and I know it is my strength, is the constant reminders that I get from myself, reminding me of the main reason I have started this journey. Knowing where I am coming from and what I have been through and also who have been with me through it all, they push me to want success more each and every day, despite my weaknesses and threats. With all these thoughts in mind, they will help me to become more motivated and confident in achieving all the goals I have laid out. As a result of me becoming motivated and confident, I will not be limited to the opportunities that I take. And also as the distractions come, I’ll know how to get past them.

I will have to start paying more attention to my weaknesses and threats to improve my overall self. I think one of the main things that I will have to start doing is read more than I would normally do. If I read more or develop a habit for reading more than I would normally do, my weakness level will be lowered and I will get good benefits from doing this. As it relates to the improper time management, I will try new strategies of managing my time, for example doing timetables and spending less time on the things I love to do the most which does not contribute to my academic, professional and career goals.

At the start of this module my initial feelings were in large amounts, the main two were that I am going to fail because what I thought this module is all about was reading, which 1 don’t like to do. The other one was the concern I had about what Business Etiquette had to do with me, why am I doing it. However, after the first class, I had a total change in feelings about it. I learnt things that I did not have to record in books but in my day to day life’s activities. The most important lessons that I learned so far are: the need for me to develop good time management skills, understanding myself and creating a good self image, accepting differences and how to develop my actions and attitudes into becoming the ideal business person I have in mind for my future career and life goals.

When these discussions were occurring, I first took it lightly, because I had this idea in mind that everyone knows themselves and know the kind of image they are creating of themselves in their daily activities, but I was wrong. Even though I had an idea of who 1 am, I was not sure which self I spent most time being. And those few classes allowed me to think about who I am more in dept, one of the thing I didn’t know is that how I act and carry myself now will have some connections to how I carry myself in the future and also the way how I accept different people shows how much I accept myself. These little lessons have great positive impacts on me and have helped me thus far to see myself as the person I ought to be. My thinking has improved and I have started understanding people’s differences and getting to know about their differences and stop living off my assumptions of them.

With all this knowledge gained from only attending a few classes, without a doubt I know this course will help me throughout the rest of university and also in my future plans. It is important to have a good self image, many persons do not know that, so they spend time trying to copy others, but this class enabled me to know the worth of having my own self image and this will surely help me every single day of my life. By me knowing who I am and what I am about.

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