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Changes, Changes, and More Changes Hudson County Community College isn't a perfect school, but there are a lot of things that they have room to improve on. I honestly don't have many complaints about this school, I feel alright about it, I am not impressed but I am also not outraged by anything. Even though I don't have many complaints about this school it doesn't mean that I don't feel that they have things that they should improve on.

The biggest problem I have with this school is the service at the main desk, then it would be the student lounge area, and last but not least the parking situation. These are all very important things to me, and these are things they should really fix. To begin, the issue of parking isn't a big deal to me personally, but I've heard so many students and professors speak and complain about it that I think it's high time something was done to fix the problem.

For example, this is a college, which means that students ranging from seventeen years of age and higher, come to this school seeking a higher education. Most of these students have cars, but, this school doesn't provide any parking for these students. So that means, that they must circle around the block about three times on a good day and about ten times on a bad day, until they find parking. Do you believe that's fair? This causes students to be late for class and to miss important parts of the lecture.

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Now, on the other hand, teachers do have a parking area, but the parking is about ten blocks away, this of course isn't a problem if it's seventy to eighty degrees outside, but when the weather is cold, do you really think that people want to get out of their warm cars just to go out into the blistering cold, or when it's 100 plus degrees outside, do you think people want to come out of their comfortably cool cars, and sweat in the New Jersey summer heat? Secondly, the lounge are.

It literally is just a lounge area, with some vending machines thrown in. Imagine yourself a student who has been in class since, let's say ten in the morning, and you haven't had a good 45 minute break in hours, and you're starving, so you walk down to the trusty student lounge and what do you find? You find a room with some chairs and a couple of vending machines, and not the cool kind of vending machines, that serve sandwiches or soups, but the kind that serve junk food. What would be your reaction to this? How would you feel in that instant?

Of course, now you don't have time to run down to the deli and buy yourself some lunch, because everything is so far away and you just wasted a good ten minutes coming down to the student lounge and staring at the vending machines in outrage. So what are you going to do? You are either not going to buy anything, or you're going to settle for some chips and a sugar filled soda, a snack that is sure to make you crash in about twenty minutes. I honestly don't see how this is fair, if you want student's to do well in school, then you have to provide them with an environment where they can achieve success.

Having to work through hunger and fatigue isn't going to help them succeed. This school really needs a cafeteria, where students can go and eat something healthy and filling, not just a place where they can go and eat some sugar and sit for a couple of minutes. Lastly, the issue with the main desk. I'm not sure if those ladies know what their exact job is, but I'm sure that it's not talking non-stop. I'm not saying anything bad about them, because they are extremely nice and friendly, but if they could be nice and friendly and do their job, now that would be super.

I remember how my friend's cousin, was having the biggest problem with finishing his financial aid paper work last year, it literally took him a year to finish fixing them, his little brother who was a year behind him in school, finished High School and started College before he did. That's embarrassing. The fact that it took so long, the fact that he had to continue coming in to bring the same papers in almost every week, and the fact that he would get attitude and poor service every time, speaks lowly about the people working in those desks.

I also had a problem like this, it didn't take a whole year for me to fix my issues, but I did have to come in a bunch of times for the same problem, and to hand in papers that were later on not going to be useful in anyway. To the students of this college it is important that those women and men do their jobs, we need them, they fill up our papers, they send them to where they need to be sent, and they are supposed to make things easier for us, not the opposite, so to see that those people cause so much trouble for the students makes me think that this school has one major flaw, and this flaw can be easily dealt with.

All they need to do is fire them and hire people who are more competent... or if that's too extreme give them a class where they learn exactly what their job description is, since it seems that they have forgotten it, or maybe never learned what it was. Changing some of this school biggest problems is sure to make this school become a place where other people would want to come and experience it, nobody wants to have a hard time at the main desk, or starve to death, or be late to class while looking for parking.

The faster we solve these issue the faster we can start calling this establishment great, because as of now this is just a place where people come to pass the time and to get a taste of what college is like. This school isn't perfect, but it's imperfections really make people take a second thought to coming here, so the quicker we fix these problems, the quicker we can fill up the school with a lot of happy students and professors.

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