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Cause and Effect: Technology

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Today's technology has good and bad effects but distraction is, in my opinion the major result. Todays’ technology has its good effects and bad effects on society. But distraction is a really bad effect on society. Yes, technology is good, better communication between people and major advancements. But little things such as cellphones, GPS and much are major distractions on an everyday life. These distractions could happen while you’re in school, at your job and even when you are driving. In school, in my high school experience at least 99% of the students have cellphones.

I always saw them text-messaging non-stop without paying a bit of attention to the class that was going on. Most of the time I was one of them, and I regret it because most of the time I didn’t pay attention to what the teacher was saying. Cellphones are not the only distraction computers are as well. I used to see a lot of students fight for a computer at school just so they could go on their favorite social networking site, all these distractions due to technology. Technology is also a huge distraction in the work place.

I haven’t had a lot of experiences in a workplace environment but I’ve seen a lot of misfortunes just because of a cellphone. My friend recently got fired from his job because he couldn’t leave his phone a lone, his boss was right you either do the job or keep texting outside of the workplace. Last but not least, distractions while you are driving. This is the most common one and the most dangerous one. A lot of people love texting while on the road they rather answer a text message rather than worrying about their own life or even worse, other human beings life. Not only cellphones influence people while driving, GPS as well.

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People start laying with their GPS while driving without noticing what is in front of them, I’ve seen a couple of accidents that happened because of someone using a GPS. Also, music and music players distract you a lot, this has happened to me a couple of times. People get so into songs that they start daydreaming and don’t realize they are indeed driving. Is really dangerous specially when someone has their earphones in while driving because they are locked to the music. Technology affects everyone, not only teenagers or young adults. Technology is a huge distraction and could be dangerous to society in a way or another.

Cause and Effect: Technology essay

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