Cause and Effect About Students Attendance

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There are many types of students in terms of attendance, reactivity with class activity and submitting assignment. In this topic we are only interested in students who usually attend and they are divided into three groups, the first is students who arrive before the lecture begins, the second, which I think is the best, are students who arrive on the time of starting the lecture, the third are puncture students who arrive after the beginning of the class disturbing students and lecturer. In this essay we are going to look at each group's positive and negative sides and what advantages they have.

First type of students is the type who wants to get early to classes. This type of students will have to break their sleep and what may be a nice dream just to be there a few minutes earlier. However he will have good advantages, the first is that they can relax on their breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. The second is they will not have to rush on their way to the university and will not face a lot of crowd if the lecture is during early morning. Finally, students who get early to classes will have enough time to review the previous lecture which may result in better understanding for the next one.

The second type of students is students who get to classes on time. They and students who get early will be able to freely choose their seats. They also will be able to catch almost all information their instructor says. However they will not be as relaxed as students who come early. The last type is students who come late to classes. The only positive side for them is they can stay late at night because they have decided on coming late which means they do not have to wake up early, nevertheless, they themselves know that what they are doing is wrong but they are just ignoring it.

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We all know that students who arrive late to classes are over speeding because the moment they realize their state they stop thinking the right way and just focus on getting there with new highest record to avoid any reproach from the instructor and forgetting about the high probability of getting into argument with a cop because of any traffic contravention they did or involving in accident which will keep them even more delayed.

When they arrive, they firstly will disturb the other students' attention then, they notice that they have missed a lot of information which may be very important so they will ask students around them and eventually disturbing and cause noise in the class affecting the other students. In my opinion, students who usually arrive to classes on time are the best, because they get many positive points by being in the middle of both sides.

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