Cause and Effect Critical Analysis

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The last one, playing at the computer shops instead of attending their classes. The effect of the low interest in studying, is a student will have a deteriorated grade and they might repeat the same course or subject again. Second, the effect Of cutting Of classes, this is the most common problem that students can't help when they are not in the mood for class. Girls, go to the mall and spend their time there during class while boys spend their time at computer shops to play DATA or whatever game that they play with.

With these, students doesn't have the knowledge in their lessons and later on, they will be having a quiz, so the result of that he/ she will have a failing grade at the end of the exams or the semester. The last one, would be the effect of playing at the computer shops, students, especially boys can't help to spend their break time at the computer shops around the school vicinity. It so happens when others are attending classes but these students who are playing are having failing grades because the thing that only runs in their minds is the game that they are playing.

The solution that will be offered to these problems are parents must encourage their son/daughter to have better grades. Second, parents or teachers must reward the students who excel in their class and third, the student must motivate him/herself to study a lot. Studying is not all about the lessons that we learn from the teacher, its about how we would build a better future as we finish studying. Its not that late to have a good studying habit.

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