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Cause and Effect Essay David Sanders Eng. 1001 South University King argues in "Why We Crave Horror Movies" that horror movies have “a dirty job to do": they feed the hungry monsters in our psyche. Write an essay in which you put King’s thesis to the test. Briefly describe the first horror movie you ever saw; then explain its effect on you. Like King, speculate about the nature of your response—your feelings and fantasies—while watching the movie. When I think back to the first time I seen a horror movie I don’t feel as freighted are nervous.

I believe the first horror film I had ever seen was Chuck y to me for some reason I just couldn’t figure out why people where so scarred of this little 2 3 foot doll running around with a knife, I received more comedy from that movie than horror and I was pretty young when I watched that movie. There was one movie though I will never forget it was called “Christine”. I mean this movie didn’t put fear in my heart just in my head. OK I am go be honest I was freaked out,But what can I say I was about eleven or twelve at the time.

It started when my Mom, sisters, and I went to the country to go see my grandmother. My grandmother loves horror movies, and ghost stories. When I heard my grandmother start calling me in the room with the family laughing and carrying on I know they were watching some good horror movie. This Movie Christine was so amazing but frightening to me as the movie came on I began to grab my chair and squeeze, I can remember my palms being socking wet from being so nervous and this was just off the intro music.

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The movie was OK to me until I started seeing the car fix itself after I seen the group of boys vandalize the car,that’s when I begin to get freaked out because in the next picture it showed the car fixing itself, then going after the guys who vandalized it and murder them. Now when your around the age of twelve or thirteen to see a car kill someone and take over someone minds freaked me out, because as a young man I was so into cars. I thought if I loved a car that much it could possibly happen to me.

When I say this movie gave me crazy feeling as if someone was standing over me when watching that movie. That’s when I found out who Stephan King was and how explicit and realistic his content was in his movies. That took a lot of stress away from me at that time of my life. Until I seen another Stephen King movie called “Maximum Overdrive” I know if you read the title you wouldn’t think it would be a frighting eye opening horror film, but If you find humanity being destroyed not scary well good for you because for me at that time the world coming to an end one day was unheard of in my head at that age.

It started when I went to my step brother house he always used to let me watch and do whatever I wanted when I went over there it would always be that stack of movies he would grab and be like you cant watch this it will give you nightmares. Accurst like any other kid would say “I am not scared”, “I am grown”. A couple of hours had passed and that movie with the 18 wheeler on the case was on my mind. It was pretty late so It was time for me too go home, he told me to start getting my stuff ready to go.

I went in the room and seen that stack of movies and I stuck the movie in my bag pack. As soon as I made it home that night I went straight to my room cut the T. V. On and begin watching the movie. The movie begin it was very interesting it grabbed me in pulled me to the edge of my seat. When I seen the begging it was so normal it looked like how someones everyday life would have went driving to work, interact acting with others how a normal everyday life goes I mean semi trucks passing you by men at work not working I mean it was so realistic calm and collective in the beginning.

But all that came to an end very quickly all I can say is the bridge started rising while people where on it and we all now how that ended people wrecking there cars sliding out there cars into the ocean, then when the watermelon killed the women thru the sunroof I was amazed I could feel my eyes ripping into the back of my head I didn’t want to blink I thought I would miss something I had watched thousands of movies but I never seen something like that.

Then I seen that 18 wheeler with that green face for some reason that faced scared the living cells out of my body when the engine revved up I could feel the hairs standing up on my arms . I just had that feeling that something scary was about to happen. I felt my stomach tightening up and my palms where getting itchy. It was funny to see the machines in the begin kick out the cigarettes, and change and the man picking them up like its his lucky day, but when the diesel went into the man eyes that’s when I was reaching my level of getting ready to cut it off from being so freaked out.

In the back of my mind though I wanted to be able to tell my big brother that I watched it and I wasn’t scared, but I was in for a rude awaking. The scene when the electrical knife cut the women and started coming after her went to my head; I had just been cut by on my wrist about a month previous to me watching that movie. Then once I made it to the scene where the little league baseball team had own there game and the coach was getting soda for the kids and the machine started kicking soda out with all of this speed and force to where it left a soda can imprint on the coaches forehead as he past on.

Then immediately a kid was being ran over by a giant steamroller I was done. I ran in my mothers room screaming, and crying that movie had missed my head up for a while I never watched horror movies after that until this previous year and it was that same movie it seemed more like a comedy horror than anything I guess the style of your mind and majority level plays a part in your imagination to believe in some of the things we see in horror movies.

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