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Two Cause and Effect; Evaluate Their Logic

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Ciearra Black November 4 2010 I thought that the book Jim Thorpe, was a good book. I thought that it was good that the main character Jim Thorpe was in the Olympics because it kept him fit. It also was not good for the Olympics to take Jim’s trophies away because he did not deserve it. But I thought the end of the book was good because he became the best athlete in the world. It was good that Jim was in the Olympics because it kept him fit. He was an active man I tell you. He was an expert in all of these sports baseball, football, wrestling, field and track, boxing, golfing, swimming, and shooting.

He was always running and stayed in several different sports. Also Mr. Thrope was well at all sports he played in. The Olympics took away Jim’s trophies away because in the summer he playing baseball for fun and the coach told him they would give him fifteen dollars a week for playing and he thought well fifteen bucks can get me something to eat so he took the money and later on the Olympics took his trophies for the simple fact that Jim had violated the amateur code of the Olympics.

I didn’t like that they did that because that’s just bogus and they offered him the money so yeah he’s going to take it. Plus he needed the money to eat for the week and stuff so he deserved to have the money. I liked that he became the best athlete in the world, at the end of the book. He became the best athlete in the world because he was good in so many sports and won so many trophies. He was known worldwide.

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He was known worldwide because he was a professional athlete and he was so well known that he played baseball, football, he swam, wrestling, golfed, boxing, and plenty more also. The book, Jim Thorpe, was very interesting I thought. It was interesting because he always did more than one sport and all the sports he did participate he was amazing in all of them. He was amazing at what he did. Everybody liked the way he played his sports.

Two Cause and Effect; Evaluate Their Logic essay

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