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My ultimate value is my family. My vision for my own self is to live happily with my family in the future. I love to spend my spare time with them. Hanging around with friends and family make me feel well. I love to play on computer. I also love to play with the magical numbers. I like surfing on the internet, exploring new things, reading articles related with health, life, and economic events such as the stock market, financial companies, investment corporations, etc.

I think being a citizen of a country, we should somewhat at different aspects of life to better know how well or bad the economy of our country is experiencing. My goal is to become a businessperson. I believe doing business is an important way to improve the economy of a nation. I did a research on two different careers. However, they are sort of having a relation with each other. Both of them are in the business field – accounting and financial analyzing.

Accounting is basically a service activity. Its purpose is to provide quantitative information that principally used by the managers, investors, tax authorities, and other decision makers to make the financial decisions within companies, organizations, and public agencies. Accounting is also widely known as the “language of business.” An accountant measures, communicates, and interprets financial activities. They prepare financial statements or reports for individuals, businesses, government agencies, or other non-profit organizations.

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They use the accounting systems to categorize the expenses and income to the typical groups. They also keep tract of the money received or paid out to see if the transactions are accurate and complete. Accountants are familiar with the computer operation. They use the computers, accounting software, calculators to prepare the financial statements and carry out the statistical interpretation. They require to make many various reports such as assets and liabilities, loss and profit, or other financial documents.

Some other tasks they may do is to design accounting systems, financial forms, and instruction manuals for the firm’s accounting and bookkeeping workers to use. They give advice to the companies upon the investment, tax strategies, and risk management. They sometimes can train some other lesser skilled employees. Public accountants work for pubic accounting companies. They usually work for the offices, and they would use the computers as the reference and calculations.

In financial analysis, analysts use the financial data to monitor and evaluate a firm’s financial position, to plan the future financing, and to reallocate the size of the company and its rate of growth. Financial analysis involves examination of the historical data to achieve the information about the current and future the financial health of the company. They may work in the forecasting and profit analysis. They, like the accountants, prepare the reports. They prepare budget report, work in cost and general account. They analyze the changes in production and service to determine the effects on costs.

They work on the graphs. They use statistic to compare the standard costs to the actual costs. They also study the significances of alternative ways of investing money in a particular field. They usually work for the large financial institutions. Particularly, they work for the either financial or operational departments of the companies. They work in banks, corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, and stock brokerages.

They make recommendations regarding the buying or selling of stocks or bonds. In the large corporations, they evaluate the impact of establishing a new plant on the company’s profit position. Many financial analysts specialize in determining the values of securities, such as bonds and stocks. Also read My Dream Job Accountant Essay

Any careers out there in the job market are required some levels and knowledge of high education such as four-year college degree, or even higher in achieving a master degree in the business industry. Accounting is not exceptional. Almost two- or four-year schools or universities offer Accounting programs to students. Principally, a bachelor’s degree id required if you wanted to become an Accountant. However, when you completed some certain college-level courses and obtained well-enough experiences and skills, you can be promoted from the Accounting Clerk positions although they are a few.

To prepare for the major, you should have started in high school. It always is a good and smart choice to seek for your high-school counselor to ask information about this career. The courses you take may vary depending on your career goals. Some high schools can be recommended are English Composition, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, Accounting, Advanced Mathematics, etc. In college, you have to fulfill required classes in order to transfer to the four-year university if you are studying at the community colleges, or to graduate if you are attending the universities. Those classes are Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Insurance, Money and Banking, use of Accounting software, Business Finance, Business Statistic, etc. Nevertheless, to become a professional Accountant, you have to pass the Certified Public Accountant examination.

The employers always prefer the applicants with CPA certification when it comes to a job interview. To qualify for a certain position, accountants certainly have to have several years of experiences. For instance, junior staff positions must have one to three years experiences. Senior staff positions’ experiences ranged from three to six years. Appearance and customer skills are the most important elements for a successful a licensed Accountant.

To make the work smoother and easier, a professional Accountant should expertise in computer, accounting software, spreadsheets, and data processing techniques. They should have the proficient knowledge of business mathematics as well.

The financial analysts, also called securities or investment analysts must have a college education .the employers usually look for people with a degree in Business Administration. There are undergraduate courses you have to take in universities in order to participating in this major. Those courses are Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Mathematics, Calculus, Engineering, marketing, Computer Science, and Law. Employers do not generally require a specific field of study, but degrees in finance, business, accounting, economics, mathematics, or law make the best preparation for a career as an analyst.

However, courses in statistics and economics are required, and classes in taxes, estate planning, risk management, and investing are highly desired and recommended. A master's degree in business administration (MBA) is even more attractive to a potential employer. In addition, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) institute offers a CFA designation for people who have earned a bachelor’s degree and three years of working experiences in financial industry.

To acquire a CFA, a candidate must pass a series of three examinations that covered subjects in accounting economics, securities analysis, and portfolio management. This designation is not required for becoming a financial analyst, but it is surely an advantage for the candidate, especially if they work for an investment firm, a brokerage, or any other financial institutions.

The employment outlook for both accounting and financial analyzing are similar to each other. They are both involved in the business industry, which means if some unexpected events or disasters happen suddenly, they all have the direct impact upon these two careers. Those matters can change the job demand quickly. Up to now, it is good opportunities for the students who recently graduated in the Accounting major. The reason is many old accountants will be retired soon in the coming years. Plus, the development of international business will require more accountants to assist in their financial management.

Even better, when the tax regulations are getting complicated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the tax preparation will be more complex, which will require the professional accountants to handle carefully. Those who have the voluntary certifications in specialty areas will have the best opportunities. According to the University of Minnesota, the employment forecast will for accountants will increase from 10 percent to 20 percent through out the year of 2010. For the financial analyzing, it also seems optimistic. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 197,000 people in the United States have the positions as financial analysts in 2004.

The growth for this career is expected to expand as fast as the average of all occupations through the year 2004. the financial analysts are always needed to help people making wise financial decisions. These people are always needed by the financial industry. There is always a stand for people studying in this filed. When the health of economy is in good time, people buying more securities because they have saving money, they wanted to invest to make money growth.

Many investors invest in securities, and they will need the financial analysts to provide the market information to them, to help the investors make the good bet for their money. When the economy is in the recession, the companies also need them to analyze the company’s budget, to help them eliminate the unnecessary cost as possible as they can, so the company can lower the expenses and keep surviving during the recession.

In my conclusion, I found interesting when doing research on these two occupations. The reason I chose them is to dig deeper and get more information about them. Personally, I major in Business Administration, I believe theses two possible occupations can be helpful to study further. They all use numbers as evidences to convince the clients or the head of companies to believe that the result they will get if they follow this path. These two professions require to use the critical thinking to think logically.

They use their numbers by giving the facts and their hard working on the market research as the solid statements to prove their points. I may possibly suit for these. I love math. I like to play with numbers. I have a broad knowledge in operating the computer as well as the Microsoft Offices. It suits my goal. You can be self-employed. You can control your time.

Although they can work under the highly pressure environment because of the deadlines required by the clients or the projects you are working on. If you know how to manage time, put time to work wisely, you already pass the obstacle in front of you. Having a balanced life between working and relaxing will help you making a big jump in your successful career.

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